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What' A Sandwich! Reviews and Ratings - Sanjay Park, Pune


Rated 1.0 by Maruti Bhandari

This was my first time and now i will never order again from here. The bread was not fresh. I ordered a chicken tikka 4" but there was chicken only for the sake of the name. Also the taste was not good. There was a small bone in the chicken inside the sub. Who the hell puts a chicken piece with bone in a sub.


Rated 1.0 by Nick M

Waste of money and time !!! If you've tried subway then seriously you'll feel dissapointment here Why ? This is so because their bread taste amazing BUT STUFFING IS DAMN POOR . Almost like nothing I'd ordered chicken maxicana and paneer maxicana Packaging was good 5/5 Taste wise 4/5 Quality 1/5 (only filled with mayo no serious stuffing) Quantity 1/5 (4" will look better if stuffing is good) Overall 1/5 If you're bachelor or students seriously don't think of trying here you'll feel like waste of your money 💰 Rather pay little more eat at subway instead..


Rated 4.0 by Preeja Sarin

Call it Sandwich or Sub (4 inch). I had ordered "Crispy Chicken" and it was super awesome. Filled with Mayo and Crispy Chicken. Good packing, stays fresh and tastes amazing. Good work team "What' A Sandwich".


Rated 1.0 by Kshipra Arun

Horrible Experience. I ordered a Paneer tikka Sub and as I took a bite I realized it was Chicken. I am a pure vegetarian and we do not even eat eggs. Appalled and disgusted at this treatment of food. Also very suspicious because on Ubereats, I ordered from a place called "Hero Sandwiches" and the box came labeled from What a Sandwich. Very shady. I advise people to be cautious before ordering. Management seriously needs to take note or face dire consequences for messing around with people's food.


Rated 1.0 by Amrita Sharma

Shittiest food ever. Told them not to fill mayo. Put a lot of mayo and the vegs were stale. No tikka or anything that can make the subs worth eating. Couldn't finish. Just had two bites and couldn't eat more. Suggest you not to ever order from here. It's the worst.