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The Vigour Kart Reviews and Ratings - Ghorpadi, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Lobster Pasta Lady

This review is now long overdue. I tried a Keto Meal box from Fedora months back. Enjoyed the meal and totes forgot to pen down my experience, (blame the usual adult life schedule). This blunder occured to me very recently, a time when I’m back to trying Keto and bent on shedding some weight finally! While we go measly on carbs, there are places like Vigour Kart who make sure our meals aren’t boring and we enjoy the good time being on a diet! Their effort inspires us to not just follow a fad blindly, but make an effort to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes. Vigour Kart isn’t just for those on a diet, or vegan seekers - It’s meant for anybody who loves their body and looks out for positive changes. The meal had a portion of Chicken in goan curry with some cauliflower rice. Excellent preparation and very fresh! The keto coconut bars and chia seeds pudding are guilt free indulgences. The carb counts are given by her and for a subscription, she is happy to help you with complete macros building. Can’t wait to order again. Keep the good work coming Fedora❤️


Rated 4.0 by TasteOfMiles

A diet freak should always try this. The packaging is great and the service is quick. The packet had the Keto meal. 1 portion of paneer which was marinated in a coconut base gravy. Along with a portion of mushroom mixed pepper bak choy stir fry. The dressing was too good and yummy. All the veggies and Paneer were fresh. The gravy was yummy and had balanced flavours.


Rated 4.0 by Theveggiepedia

One box of this keto meal consisted of around 170 grams paneer in a thick spinach gravy and a portion of mushroom, bellpeppers, broccoli bok choy stir fry. Super healthy and super tasty! Delivered on time and in great packaging.


Rated 4.0 by Sarika Shah

Last week I received a Keto Meal lunch box from The Vigour Kart for tasting and it was delivered on time at my office. The packing was good in disposable lunch box with two partitions. One portion of protein (Paneer) marinated in coconut base gravy. It was soft, tasty and very filling - and the best part - Healthy with it being cooked in olive oil. The other portion was mushroom mixed pepper bak choy stir fry. Good taste and since I am a mushroom fan, I loved this portion more than the paneer. The Vigour Kart generally does a minimum subscription of 20 day packages (40 portions) that includes a dessert every Saturday. Everything is prepared in olive oil and butter . Upon subscription of a package they use client's height weight and age to get macros and then serve portions as per their readings.They also send a detailed description about how and what should be consumed at what time from morning to night to their clients. So, essentially killing two birds with one shot - Diet consultation and Diet food being their mantra. An excellent option for health conscious people who can get these boxes delivered to their work place too.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Yogesh Khetan

Thanks fedora for giving me an opportunity to taste the KETO meal. I got the meal box delivered on time. The packing was awesome and the taste was great. So the KETO Meal box consisted of, 1 portion of protein (paneer) 170grams of paneer marinated in a coconut base gravy. Along with a portion of mushroom mixed pepper bak choy stir fry. Also, the paneer was so soft and it was heavy meal. Must try if your a fan of KETO Diet.