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The Chilika Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Kalyani Nagar, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Indrani Das

For past few months i have been looking for perfect homemade chicken with brown base gravy. Wherever i tried either the gravy color looks artificial or the chicken pieces are half cooked. I was so fed up with it that i literally gave up on trying anymore. This place i came across Zomato, thanks to their review based platform with pictures of the food, by looking at the real pictures i got convinced to order and give it a shot. To my surprise it was too good to comment. I ordered Chicken aloo kasha,it was the best chicken gravy i ever had in any restaurant. If they continue to cook this way then it's a saviour for people who stay far away from home. Chicken was so well cooked and juicy from inside. Aloo in the gravy add extra flavor and charm to it. (For an Assamese like me aloo is a part of our life 🤪) Please do try their Chicken aloo kasha!!


Rated 2.0 by Mark Samuel

I had ordered a basera meal and got rohu instead... I don't eat river fish as I've had a fistula due to the bones.... Please advise how should I proceed. Cheers


Rated 4.0 by Niva Mohanty

The food is really good here. Please have chicken pakoda and chicken aloo kassa here. It has a homemade taste and I am sure you will love it. Dahibada-aloodam and chhenapoda are average in taste. The pricing is bit on a higher side.


Rated 1.0 by Rinoo Mishra

Ordered Mutton curry — it was bad. They had just dumped some tough pieces of mutton into a generic gravy with some boiled potatoes. The potatoes in the mutton curry were stale. It was not edible. We had to throw it. And 300 rupees for this! Disappointed 😔


Rated 5.0 by Srikant

Being an Odia, I always have a soft inclination towards Odia delicacies. If you would ignore this small, tiny space and focus only on taste, then you are right here. Cost is lil at the higher side, but worth to try place for east Indians who all are staying in Pune.