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The Biryani Factory

Dholepatil Farms Road, Kharadi
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The Biryani Factory Reviews and Ratings - Kharadi, Pune

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Jitender K

Had biryani last week with one of my friend who came from delhi. He almost had biryani from many restaurants but eventually he really liked biryani from this place. Especially the innovation section smoke biryani was really good. It gives biryani a smoky flavour which in turn quite a unique idea. Chicken was completely soft and tender. Really had a great biryani after a long time.


Rated 1.0 by Deepshikha Sharma Mishra

Not at all authentic dum biryani.. the rice was hard and way too spicy.. try at your own risk.. Highly disappointed ☹️ Not at all ordering next time..

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Priya Saxena

I had ordered shahi biryani for my team at my office. They had provided gravy and raita along with biryani. But the amount of raita was less as compared to the quantity of biryani ordered. The taste was good, however they could have added some more vegetables to it, as I could see only cauliflower and beans in it. They had also added good amount of dry fruits with the biryani, which was the essence of biryani. Rate and quantity both were good. Overall I had a good experience.


Rated 5.0 by Shravya Gk

The full star rating is for the service and accountability. I had heard of this place from a colleague at office (here at magarpatta) The colleague also happened to mention that the delivery might not happen as the distance of the restaurant is pretty far (nearly 6.7Km) However I took the contact and placed the order which was delivered to me by who seemed like the owner of the place (not sure) Having found the biryani good , placed an order again for the evening but was told by the receiver that the delivery could not be possible.  I perfectly understood that it wouldn't be feasible.However, I got a call back in a couple of minutes, saying they would take up the order and deliver it and was delivered by the same person as prior. It was really a pleasant surprise. Really appreciate all the efforts taken.  PS: Kindly include raita though apart from the gravy.



Average Biryani, at premium price. I was really excited once the biryani arrived as it was already delayed because delivery guys from Zomato stuck in traffic. In special note I asked for spicy biryani instead it was salty. I know sometimes food is not prepared as it always does but if it tastes same like this then it's definately not good biryani( definately not worth 240 RS). I get 10 times better biryani than this in RS100. dear cook/chef please taste what u have prepared and then send out of kitchen. Thanks for keeping biryani hot by the way.