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Subway Reviews and Ratings - Hinjewadi, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Vibhuti Mishra

Very Nice service politely staff and staff are friendly in nature also the food is good and is affordable and the taste quality and quantity are really good


Rated 1.0 by Sahil Kukeja

I WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM 0 STARS IF IT WERE POSSIBLE. I am a regular Subway customer and this is the worst Subway outlet I’ve ever been to in my whole life. I moved from Delhi to Pune recently and this Subway happened to be nearby my hotel, so I went there. There were HOUSEFLIES in the preparation area and I immediately asked them to git rid of them. I ordered my regular Western Egg & Cheese; veggies in which are not customisable but sauces are. They prepared it, but when it came to sauces, the manager told me that only Mayo goes with this sub. I told him it’s not my first time ordering this sub. I MADE HIM TALK TO MY USUAL SUBWAY OUTLET IN DELHI AND HE WAS PROVED WRONG, BUT HE CHOSE TO STICK TO WHAT HE SAID. So, I denied buying the sub and went back. I went to Subway, Baner recently and I realised it is not a Pune thing to put only one sauce in the Western Egg & Cheese sub. I have tried Subways in different cities, on highways but have never faced this situation.


Rated 1.0 by Dushyant Kotak

I visited this particular outlet because it was the nearest one to my hostel. And oh boy was it a disappointment. First off the guy behind the counter couldn't understand my order. Once he understood the order, he didn't get the right bread. After he got the right bread and constructed my sub, I asked him to add salt and pepper which he added but it wasn't even enough for an ant. After all of this I finally get my order and then I added a pepsi to my order. I had a sip of it and it was FLAT!! NO FIZZ IN THE PEPSI. The lettuce in the sub was STALE, the bread felt like it was 2 DAYS OLD, and the overall experience of the sub was a disappointment. The tables inside the restaurant were shaking and you have to be really careful otherwise you'll spill your FLAT PEPSI. Never expected such low quality from Subway.


Rated 1.0 by Shivani

If there would have been negative rating . I would have surely given that too. I visited this in the night when there was no hustle in the outlet and they made me wait for my turn for 10-15mins . I ordered aloo patty 6inch subway . Half of the sauces were not available and half of them were poured hurriedly by the greeter which made the taste of subway bit bitter . My friend ordered two meat wraps and left both because it wasnt fresh . And thats not enough when i paid them 170 via card for the subway , they asked it to pay again as there were some error in the machine despite showing them bill and the debit message from the bank they insisted me to pay again for that pathetic subway and assured me that my money would be reflected back within a day. Its been 2days now , i didnt even get any refund and paid double for that pathetic subway . *Do not visit this place*


Rated 3.0 by Sakshi Babar

Went to this particular outlet after a movie at the mall. The place is strategically placed as I noticed late that there were other outlets but they were on the upper floors. Had a Hara Bhara Kebab. The staff was speedy in taking orders and completing them, could have been more friendly. Their rates already have taxes built in, hence there is no ambiguity with regards to that. Good for a quick bite.