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Maharishi Karve Road, Erandwane
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Stew Art Reviews and Ratings - Erandwane, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Harshvardhan Madhav Pawar

***** स्ट्यु आर्ट, नळ स्टाॅप जवळ***** स्ट्यु बनवणे हि पण आर्ट आहे. बरेच दिवस Stew Art ला जायचे प्लॅन करत होतो पण मी राहतो इतक्या लांब कि २-३ गोष्टी एकसाथ प्लॅन करून निघावं लागतं. तर काही दिवसांपूर्वीच मित्रासोबत मीटिंग करून बाहेर पडलो, आणि त्याला म्हणालो जायचं का स्ट्यु आर्ट ला. तो नेहमीच जातो त्यामुळे प्लॅन फायनल झाला. आत जाताना थिटे सरांनी स्माईल करून वेलकम केले. चीजकेक नव्हता सो मोर्चा डायरेक्ट स्ट्यु च्या मेनू कडे वळवला आणि पेरीपेरी चिकन स्ट्यु फायनल केले. १० मिनिटात ऑर्डर टेबलवर आली. आणि आम्ही ताव मारला. सूप प्रकारात मोडणाऱ्या या पदार्थाचे वैशिष्ठ्य असे कि त्यात सॉलिड आणि लिक्विड कॉम्बिनेशन असते. तिखट आंबट करी, सोबतीला चिकनचे पिसेस, बटाटा आणि भोपळ्याचे एक एक पीस आणि बॉइल्ड कणिसाचा तुकडा. चव उत्कृष्ठ, खिशाला जास्त खड्डा नाही आणि पीइओ ची १५% डिस्काउंट ऑफर ने माझा नळ स्टॉप ते चिखली हा प्रवास सुखकर बनवला. अजून ५-६ वेळा नक्की चक्कर मारणार आणि मटण रान साठी तर नक्की चक्कर होणार. एकंदर मस्त अनुभव, जरा वेगळी डिश आहे नक्की ट्राय करावी अशी. #SolapuriPunekar #HarshTag


Rated 3.0 by Audy Audumbar

We ordered for home delivery. Taste 3/5 because, it was too salty. I won't recommend this for people with high blood pressure. American Gumbo: 4/5 - right salt Butter Garlic corn: 3/5 - Too much Salty Mediterranean Salad: 3/5 Not sure if we got Mediterranean salad.. But, it was too less. Shredded chicken with herbs and cheese: 2.5/5 - too much salty. It was not shredded and also not cheezy. It was a big disappointment.


Rated 4.0 by Priya Dharmani

Stew Art Pune along with Sakal Times ran a contest in which I got selected and won coupon amounting Rs.500 Got a very warm welcome at Stew Art as a Winner. Stew Art on Karve Road is the 1st Stew Restaurant in Pune. Stew is Veg or meats cooked in their own broth. To begin with we ordered 1. Chicken Soup 2. Kerala Chicken Stew 3. Alfredo Penne Chicken Pasta. Chicken Soup was thick, creamy, hot and was tasty loaded with black pepper, a perfect start. Kerala Stew was Yummy perfectly cooked broth, rice and chicken, loved the flavour & spices in it. Pasta was okay in taste for me because after having such a yummy stew I think again stew order would have been good decision. All 3 dishes came with 2 slices of Garlic Bread. Overall Experience: Very Good 😃. All the dishes were freshly prepared, chicken was very soft, just melted in mouth. Would love to try more stews in next visit. Thanks to #SakalTimes and #StewArtPune 😊


Rated 4.0 by Neeldana Bakshi

It's really a nice place to have some offbeat, healthy (and still immensely tasty) food. Located near Law College Road. The food concept is quite unique and I would say a healthy way to satisfy anyone's taste buds. Had visited this place one fine afternoon, it's a very small place with less seating arrangement. The staff is quite friendly and courteous. The service can be improved though and the price as per the food quantity served is decent enough. So here is a glimpse of what we had ordered: #Mediterranean Chicken Salad-Freshly cut veggies filled with boiled and tender chicken pieces with little of spice. Overall a good healthy option. #Chicken American Gumbo Stew-This is the USP of this place. Served with garlic bread. Well spiced stew and the taste was good enough. Would recommend #Chicken Creamy Alfredo Pasta-Just like the regular pasta. Taste was nice. #Fruit Stew Delight -A unique dessert kinda dish. #Cheese Cake-Loved it!! Overall good experience and would love to visit again to try some new stuff✌


Rated 2.0 by The Hoggernaut

We had high hopes for the place. . . But, it failed to live up to the hype around it. The moment you open the door, you're hit with a strong-suffocating smell from the kitchen. Perhaps the exhaust was out of order or they didn't have one. Due to this, we opted to sit outside. The place wore a deserted look on a weekend evening. Janak, our steward-cum-cook, was the saving grace as he explained us the menu and was happy to suggest us what we should get. We opted for Stroganoff (mushroom-sauce stew) as well as Korean Bulgogi chicken (starter). While, the Bulgogi chicken looked good, it was a tad too salty and the for some reason, the whole dish didn't come along as they might've hoped for or intended to. Stroganoff stew was good. The mushroom sauce was not half-bad. But, I wouldn't specifically categorize it as stew per se. Wasn't too steep for us. The dish overall tasted good, with the mushroom sauce working well with the chicken. There was one other guy who walked in, who might be the person incharge, but had a dead-pan expression and no interest in making eye contact or checking on us besides looking at his phone. Janak, was courteous enough to seek feedback and serve us with a smile. His service was the highpoint of our visit. Ambience: 1/5 (Guys, please do something about the ambience on the ground floor seating) Food: 3/5 Staff: 3/5 Overall: 2/5 Cheers Hardik