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Shukran Reviews and Ratings - Mohammad Wadi, Pune

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Aditya Rathi

Ambience is superb 5 on 5.. but the service is poor.. we had to place our order for almost 3 times and the service was late.. a water bottle was rated Rs 80 .. not at all worth!!

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Rakesh Pardeshi

I love this place cause of its sand and that shack like feeling from Goa. Food is average hookah is average but very polite staff. Not much crowded so nice place to spend some alone time


Rated 1.0 by Puneet Mehta

Pathetic is the only word for this place. Ambience is good but this place is a strict no-no if you are planning to take your family along. As they serve hookas and are open till 4am, this place is mostly visited by uncivilized college youngsters mainly hostelites. The service is hopeless. We ordered Veg. Manchow Soup and Crispy Veg and they took almost 55min to serve. We asked for normal water but they said that they don't have normal water so we were forced to buy mineral water worth 25/-. When I received the bill, I was taken aback as they charge 9% tax (5% service charge and 4% GST) separately on the bill. I have uploaded pic of their bill. Nowhere does the 5% S.C match to the amounts mentioned on the bill. I told the guy that I wanted to pay by credit card to which he said that the card machine isn't working. I told them that I do not have cash and if they want money I could pay only by card else they can waive off my bill. Then he reluctantly took out the swiping machine and was cribbing that there usually is no range and that he can give it a try and to no surprise the card payment went through. Please do not visit this place with hidden charges and staff who are a bunch of liars.


Rated 1.0 by Tahera Dhambola

The most pathetic restaurant ever. Food was horrible.service was so bad. There were only three tables occupied on a Saturday night yet it took 45min to bring in a chicken platter. The chicken was not chicken but rubber..that too the worst quality of rubber. It was stale chicken. We asked for empty glasses At least 6times to drink water yet it came after 30min. And please note that all the below reviews seem fake as nothing said is true. Prices are exorbitant for the quantity and quality of food. Billing was done incorrectly. Everything was a disappointment.


Rated 1.0 by Niha Shaikh

They have a menu card with rates which they don't refer while they give us the bill. The price they use is THRICE the MRP (which is illegal)!