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Koregaon Park
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Sassy Teaspoon Reviews and Ratings - Koregaon Park, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Rhea Bazaz

This restaurant has everything one would want in a good restaurant, whether it's good food, amazing ambience or friendly and cooperative staff. My booking at another restaurant had been cancelled at the last moment so my birthday was almost ruined. We called at this place and we were graciously accommodated and made to feel welcome. The staff was friendly and very helpful in suggesting dishes. The snacks were tasty and filling. The place is also well-decorated for photographs. Overall,it was a great experience and my birthday became even better because of them!


Rated 5.0 by Shivam Tiwari

I've always loved Sassy Spoon. It's one of the best places to bring someone special for brunch. Desserts are amazing. I've tried a lot of stuff off their menu and not a single one disappointed me ever.


Rated 4.0 by Souvik Dey

Been here with my family for a dinner. Very nice ambience. Mushroom soup:4 Crunchy cottage cheese:4 Cajun prawns :4 Grilled cumin chicken:4 Veg homemade pappardelle:5 Prawns garlic confit:4 Garden fresh flatbread :5 Overall 4


Rated 5.0 by Siddharth Narayan

Great food, excellent preparation, awesome ambience and extremely helpful and warm person Mr Nilesh who is the head steward / manager. Our experience was made special by the personal involvement of Mr Nilesh.


Rated 3.0 by Krishnapriya

The food is alright, I would rate a 3 for starters. As it is mandatory to inform about zomato gold before ordering I did and the waiter seemed unhappy about it. He did not ask me to show it so I mentioned it again during the billing that I have Gold. The reply was pretty confusing he said "Mam we are honouring it so that everyone could come here and enjoy the food and drinks." What does that mean.. Did he mean that we cant afford it so they are being charitable to the less fortunate. Please dear team Sassy Spoon avoid these kind of comments its pretty demeaning . A simple thank you and come again Is more than enough. Do not put in difficult vocabulary into the mouths of people who cannot portray it correctly. Thank you.