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Samruddhi Family Restaurant

Baner Gaon
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Samruddhi Family Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Baner Gaon, Pune


Rated 2.5 by Amit Mallick

Good decent restaurant, food is not that great but not bad either. I didn't find this much of a family restaurant. But yes if unr bunch friend and want to much something in budget it's a good place to go. Not so good ambiance or crowed. Price is also ok. Service is good and quick though.


Rated 2.5 by Mahesh Udawant

Definitely not a place for family dinner even though they have family section. I was here with my friends. Ambiance was nothing to mention. Food was okay kind as prices are also very reasonable. You can't expect quality with such pricing. Mostly crowded by local people who can enjoy their meal with some zing.


Rated 4.0 by Wihang Bendre

Value for money. Very reasonable, quantity per plate more than enough for 2. Ordered Triple Schezwan Chicken Rice to be delivered @ home. They delivered within 15 minutes. Very good taste.


Rated 3.0 by Aviral Utkarsh

Randomly I decided to try out this place for dinner. It's near Dasara Chowk. This place has got a nice and open seating area with inside seating option too. The ambiance is not much though. The inside of the restaurant felt kinda cramped for space. Anyway reading the reviews on the place I decided to go with egg curry and plain naan I decided to get it parceled. Took them about 20 minutes to get my order ready. The egg curry was really spicy and good. The gravy wasn't thick and creamy yet quite oily. The naan's were tender and tasted fresh. Overall I had a good time.


Rated 2.0 by Himanshu Goel

Samridhi is definitely not a place to be with your Family at first. People get their Booze and drink it here in full mood . Haven't tried much of their food , the Masala Papad acts as a good Chakhna . Can't say the same for the French Fries though . In Joey Tribiani's words " They are Abysmal " .