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Sahare Dining Hall Reviews and Ratings - Camp, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Sachin Shira

A great place to have Rajasthani Thalis. The range of items which the thali had was so wide and it was really satisfying. The staff is very courteous and the overall experience was really great!


Rated 3.0 by Sneha

Sahare dining hall is famous for its rajasthani thali and dal batti. I visited this place on sunday afternoon. The ambience is quite average. Coming to the food, If there are two people and one has order a rajasthani thali and the other has ordered a dal batti so the one wwith dal batti cannot try the other thali and vice versa. So even if you are ordering two separate thalis you are unable to try other things. This concept did not go well with us. Taste wise its good but not way too delicious.


Rated 5.0 by Sana Khan

Location : Sahara Dining . . . I visited this place recently with a bunch of friends. The place serves a variety of thalis. We had Rajasthani thali. The thali consists of unlimited simple homely food which is also very pocket friendly Rs.300 only. The menu of the thali changes everyday. . . The menu served to us consisted of: 2 types of kadhi Khichadi Dal bhaati Buttermilk Dahi bada Papdi chaat Sabudana wada 4 different sabzis (Moong, Aloo, Gobi, Paneer ) Veg Pulav Fruit custard Meetha Sheera Phulkha Roti Papad . . The manager is a very sweet gentleman who solves all you queries no matter how silly they may sound. The server were very quick ,polite and ready to serve you no matter how many times you ask them for repeats. The food was hot, delicious and tasty. The ambience is decent and hygienic. It has a traditional touch that goes very well along with the food. This restaurant has also won the Times food award. One more plus point is that they have ample parking parking space for 2 and 4 wheelers. . . Higly recommended. A must visit for the thali lovers. . . . For more updates follow @khaanawithsana . . . #khaanawithsana #likeformore #followformore #saharadininghall #rajasthanithali #unlimitedfood


Rated 5.0 by Explore_with_explorer

*Sahare Dining* . I recently had this amazing Rajasthani Thali at @saharedininghall. It was amazing. They served more than 15 items in this huge thadi. The food is simple but tempting and delicious. They change their menu of thali everyday. I had in my thali Moong, Paneer, Potato, Flower (all Sabji), 2types of kadhi, Khichadi, Daal baati, Churma, Papad, Salad,4 types of Rice,Daal, Fruit custard, Sheera, Roti, Bhakri(Sogra), Butter milk, Dahi bada, Chaat, Sabudana Bada, and Chatni. Talking about ambiance is very decent and simply pretty. Staff is helpful and interactive. Serving is excellent. This is the best place for family meets. They serve this thali for 300Rs and guess what, its unlimited. They also serve limited thali at 180Rs


Rated 5.0 by Formosa

For me.. eating simple food is equally important as eating fancy. This place is a perfect for eating unlimited without any guilt. Taste is homely, subtle flavors, aroma of ghee makes my tummy happy. They have an unlimited thali for 300 Rs only. They specialize in - Daal bati churma Unlimited thali Limited thali Dahiwada Variants of rice Kadhi khichdi