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Bhandarkar Road, Hanuman Nagar
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Recipe Non Veg Reviews and Ratings - Hanuman Nagar, Pune


Rated 3.0 by Anup Deodhar

More like a 3.5 star review Recipe Non veg, right on bhandarkar road, small yet neat setup. Being from central maharashtra i am eating KALA MASALA since childhood and when i read they serve it , I had to try it. Well i ordered Special Chicken Thali. Began with a complementary Alani soup. Great start. Then Came thali with Chicken fry, Kala Rassa and Tambda rassa. The chicken was juicy and flavourful and Soft hot chapati went well with the sumptuous tambda rassa, very good. Chicken Popcorn was there: Forgettable, Soggy. Not great. The Indrayani Rice was really, i mean really good, loved it, MUST TRY. It was swimming in Desi Ghee. ❤️HEAVENLY. But unfortunately Kala Rassa was not upto my expectations. Maybe i had my expectations too high. But the real star of the show was ❤️ SOLKADHI❤️, the best i have tried in a long time. I order another Vati but was only available in whole glass i was too full to finish it. I would have given 4 stars but as i was more focused on KALA MASALA and unfortunately it was the only weak link in an otherwise GREAT thali. Hope the owner will take note and try to improve the same. Must Try - Indrayani Rice,SOLKDHI AMBIENCE : 6/10 LOCTION : 8/10 TASTE : 7.5/10 SERVICE : 7/10 PS : Very limited seating, be prepared for long wait on weekends.


Rated 4.0 by Aditya Gaikwad

Found this perfect place to have gavran chicken/mutton, it's near Good luck cafe called" RECIPE". We ordered their special chicken Thali and I swear it's something to die for. To all the vegetarians out there, don't feel isolated their vegetarian options are tasty as well.


Rated 5.0 by Rahul Srivastava

Very few places have such a passion to serve good food and this is one of those. The lady there recommended that I don't order a la carte and insisted on special mutton thali, I could see the concern in her eyes and hence agreed. She served me mutton soup which was not warm at all and as soona s I reported that she replaced this as she didn't want the foodie like me to have a bad experience. The thali was unique and I have had never tasted such a good ever. She also guided me how to eat bhakri with black gravy. All this while.she was very alert and kept guiding me si that I enjoy the food. Everything is cooked in pure ghee hence the flavors are unique and retained for longer time. The rice is special because it is good quality rice which gets sticky when cooked unlike the advertised basmati rice. The sol kadhi is prepared at the restaurant so one can have the fresh kadhi after meal. And yes I could.not finish the thali by myself. Go when you are extremely hungry and have a heavenly experience


Rated 4.0 by Rahul Joshi

AWESOMENESS is FOOD A solo visit on Friday at JM road for a Mobile repair at oneplus store ...Repair time 2 hours...What to do...Eat good food 😊 scribbling on Zomato and got recipe non veg with astonishing 4.1 rating. As it was nearby without giving much thought, I headed here. Recipe hotel is situated in ever crowded Bhandarkar road, this is in Cosmos bank building. Beware, if you have a car - getting a parking is a task and you may want to change your plan. But don't do that and give this place a chance...This is a small yet neat and clean place, Not much on the ambience part but not bad either. The wall has all Marathi actors/actresses framed. Menu is all Maharashtrian, so is the staff. Service was quick, was served hot jowar bhakri and curry. Could see a lot of bankers filling themselves, also few college students. Not too heavy on pocket as well. FOOD- # Special Mutton ghee thalli- consists of mutton Kala masala, kheema vati, Alani soup, red , and kalla rassa, kanda koshimbir, solkhadi, bhakti, indrayani rice. Decent taste wise, nothing special and extraordinary though. Special mention to alani/stock soup. Full of flavours, mild , but really tasty....In fact one of the best stock soup I have had in any Maharashtrian places till now. Indirayni rice was full of ghee in it and went well with kala masala mutton. You can only have rice ghee and some salt (fondly known as "tuup-meeth-bhaat") to satisfy your soul. You may want to give it a try with friends and family 😀✌️


Rated 3.0 by Quirky_photos

OK so first of all I have listened so much about this place and decided to visit it for lunch.... It is so small arrangement and please don't expect any ambience... I got table after waiting for like 15-20min... But no one was taking our order.. Waiters are just in hurry rushing here and there after some time we called the owner and then he had took our order... After taking order they are behaving like we didn't ordered anything for like 20 mins and they served food to another two tables who had came after us... Which was really bad thing.. And finally my chicken Thali had come but guess what they have forgotten to give us soup which they served us after our half meal🙄 and I told them to serve spicy food but food is also in sweet taste... I don't know what people liked about this place🤧