Rassa Handi

Baner Pashan Link Road, Baner Gaon
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Rassa Handi Reviews and Ratings - Baner Gaon, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Suraj Jadhav

I looked up this place to satisfy my cravings for India cuisine. It was the first time I was trying authentic Maharashtrian Cuisine and the experience was devouring. It is a well organized and well managed place. The staff is quick and efficient. Food is top quality. Coming to menu it is simple and does not confuse you. If you visit this place you have to try chicken masala which is more of a starter,though it's a part of main course menu. Chicken sukka is also good for people who love spicy food. For main course we had Mutton rassa and mutton sukka. This was the best of the entire menu. Along with it bhakri was too filling. One was more than enough. Just to add on the salad that they provide is topnotch as well. Service is super quick. You don't have to keep waiting to satisfy your hunger pangs.


Rated 5.0 by Kiran Deshmukh

Your love for desi food will only increase when you eat the food they serve! Located on the bustling Baner pashan link road, this is an amazing restaurant serving food for the soul. I have been to this place many times and will recommend it to everyone who loves Maharastrian food that is so tasty, spicy and just so perfectly made. They have a lot of options in starters, mains and thalis. You can choose to eat what you feel like eating at that time! The ' Chicken or Mutton' is a specialty and is a must-have when you visit these guys. The food is super spicy and in local language 'masaaledaar khaana'. They have unlimited thalis (only chapati rassa and rice) because everything else is a lot and you will not need more than what is already on your plate (generally). I have tried almost all their thaalis, Chicken, Mutton thali. Chicken and Mutton Thali are on point and definitely, they are serving the best in the city. The chicken thali wasn't all that great. The taste wasn't as good as the ones that I have tried in Pune. The gavaran chicken was well cooked but the taste was completely off. The prawns were delicious though. The ambiance of this place too is very simplistic and this place will cramp up when it is full, which is most of the times is. It's not as big as what it would look from outside. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They will give you options to make your dining experience even better! Overall, this is THE place to go and eat soul food! I am glad it has opened in Baner pashan link road and i can go visit this place any time i want. Highly recommed it to everyone who loves local flavours. It isnt very heavy on the pockets topo for the kind of food that is being served. Go plan this amazing lunch or dinner with your foodie friends and make the most of your time spent at Rassa handi!


Rated 1.0 by Bala Mahajan

Totally avoidable. Food was overcooked. Under staffed kitchen. This won’t survive for long, unfortunately. 


Rated 1.0 by Abhishek Mudgalkar

Even “ SALT “ was not added in main course. How can anyone eat without salt ?????? Waste of money as well as time too. I think the cook dont know how to prepare that main course.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Akanksha Bhole

Not recommended - Ordered a couple of dishes on the phone and they don't have a home delivery system so they asked me to order through another food delivery service which they said would take at least an hour to prepare ! Ended up having to go there to pick up the parcel - and i was really disappointed with the food. The chicken gravy i ordered was jsut spicy, no other flavour or taste apart from that. Chicken sukka was okay taste-wise but the quantity was too less and the pieces too were very bony. Not worth the money spent !