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Radhika Veg Restaurant

DP Road, Aundh
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Radhika Veg Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Aundh, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Neha

Wonderful place to be there for vegetarians in the heart of aundh. Ambience was good. Every small corner was taken care of with all creativity. Good taste was good. We ordered masala papad, very dry Manchurian, pav bhaji with extra butter which costed more than the while pack of butter pack😂😂. I would definitely come back and would recommend this place to visit with your family and friends for veg cravings


Rated 5.0 by Sanket Subhash Chakwe

The oldest veg cuisine restaurant in Aundh. A big fat Thumbs Up for the ambience and cleanliness of the restaurant. Being a vegetarian restaurant they still have a variety of options to choose from. The service was good enough and the price is average😌So here is a glimpse of what I had tasted : 1.Crispy Paneer-A Chinese starter. They were soft paneer pieces and slightly deep fried. Taste was good. 2. Chef Special Modak Sabzi. Honestly the presentation, taste, quantity was really good.It was best thing I had and yummy. Tasted well with roti. 3. Radhika Special Ukdiche Modak. 😌The most popular dish and honestly tasted quite well. 4.Gulab Jamun- Soft, sweet and yummy🥰 The price is average and during each festival they come up with a new recipe 😌


Rated 1.0 by Shubham Kamble

The Location & Ambience (3/5): You'd find this restaurant just off the streets near Parihar Chowk in Aundh and at a very prime location. Now it was raining heavily and we didn't have many choices. So, we thought of giving this restaurant a try as the ambience seemed very pleasant with yellow dim-lit lights somewhere you could take a girl out on a date. Now, as soon as we entered the restaurant all the waiters were staring at us and we were waiting for one of them to guide us to our tables. But, all of them just kept staring at us and not one of told where we should sit. So, dodging all those stares we got our seats somewhere in the corner where all the house plants were covered with spider webs. The Food (0/5):  Starters:  Masala Papads, French Onion Soup and Veg Manchow Soup. The Masala Papad had too much salt. And as we're eating our brine fried masala papad, came the soups. So, the waiter kept both the bowls and I asked him which one was which as both of them looked exactly identical. How can a FRENCH onion soup look exactly the same as MANCHOW soup? Still, I gave it a try and it even tasted the same. Just the French Onion Soup had some fried onions on top and some NOODLES. Yes NOODLES in French Onion Soup. I asked him to change it with a basic Tomato Soup. And after just 2 mins he bought two bowls of Tomato Soup which tasted like they cut up some tomatoes in SUGAR SYRUP. Yes, that sweet was the tomato soups. Main Course:  Butter Roti, Kaju Paneer Masala ("Chef's Special") So this "Chef's Special" Kaju Paneer was literally a joke. They put some stale softened Cashews on top of Paneer Masala and that's it. It was bland af and gave a heating sensation in the throat, probably coming from excess black pepper. The Butter Roti was undercooked from one. Water: Yes, I had to make a special section for water. Even their water tasted like it was drawn from a nearby river. It tasted funny and we hand to drink the water that we bought from home. I had a small talk with the person sitting at the counter, he just smiled and nodded his head so it was of no use. They have a lovely ambience with rustic decorations. They just don't know how to utilise it properly. From The Real Vadapav


Rated 5.0 by Neeldana Bakshi

Located in Aundh, and one of the oldest restaurants serving veg cuisine. Recently they have completed 25 glorious years. So had visited during Ganesh Chaturthi.Honestly, with years down the line the ambience has changed drastically and it's quite well maintained. This place is good for groups and one can visit and relish the veg cuisine over here along with family. The owner and staff were really courteous and helpful. A big fat thumbs for the service over here ✌😌The menu consists of different options starting with the breakfast menu to Chinese , thali, soups, starters, yummy Indian delicacy, roti, rice and not to forget desserts to add on 😌So here is a glimpse of what I had tasted : 1.Crispy Paneer-A Chinese starter. They were soft paneer pieces which were coated with flour and deep fried to get a slight crispy covering. It was medium spicy and taste was good 2.So the restaurant was celebrating Vakratunda festival and they had recently launched chef special modak sabzi. Honestly the presentation, taste, quantity was really good ✌Totally loved it and I would definitely recommended! #recommended.Very different concept and suggested by owner. Best of the best. It went well with roti. 3.Its Ganpati Festival and one can't surely miss the Radhika Special Ukdiche Modak. 😌The most popular dish and honestly tasted quite well. 4.Gulab Jamun- No words to describe ☺This was ultimate! They were soft, juicy, melted in my mouth and irresistible🥰 The price is average and during each festival they come up with a new recipe 😌So overall it was a good experience and this place is good for all the vegan people!! Comida Amor 🥰Follow @yummydelightsdiary on Instagram


Rated 5.0 by BIG FOODIES Akash.

Radhika is a Pure Veg Restaurant    Vegetarian restaurant that serves beer. Wide range of items to select from. Serves north indian, south indian, chinese, mughlai dishes. Also serves moctails and varioua staters to dessert. Sizzling brownie is a famous one. Maharashtrian thalis are delicious so are the chinese combos. Had been here for a casual lunch with Family. Separate family room is available upstairs. Ambience is good. Soft music is played. Staff is good, and the taste is awesome. Rates are fine since it's in DP road Aundh. Menu is good with lots of variety. Don't have their own parking, will have to use roadside parking. A good place for vegetarians . The place is quite hygienic and they have two type of seating arrangements, one is Non-AC and another one is AC. Being a vegetarian restaurant still they have variety of options, so definitely you will not be left out with only Paneer and Aloo. I cannot recommend any particular dish as almost all the dishes they serve are good enough and the staff is very courteous. Do visit, you will surely like the place. Radhika veg cuisine has a best food with best service. I like to go there and we used to go there with our friends and family. To be very honest . Whatever I have seen its best restaurant, well maintained, absolutely clean. Having a garden restaurant also. A area where Radhika Restaurant is situated us a higher middle class & higher class area. Very pleasant area, Atmosphere of this restaurant is pleasant & a charming. Honest & kind staff is an asset of this restaurant. Nice food. Great ambience. Service is good. Must try restaurant for veggies. Rates are descent. Food is tasty.