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Pancake Factory

nb 3.7 / 5
Westend Mall, Aundh
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Pancake Factory Reviews and Ratings - Aundh, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Rómè

When in westend i always end up here for their awesome mini pancakes . . They r toooo lovely 😍😍 . . Well i always go for the mini me . . I get 6 lovely small cute little pancakes with my choice of toppings on it. . Cookies , gems , chocolate sauce and what not. . Together it tastes yummmm😋😋. . Highly recommended to the pancake and chocolaye lovers 😊👍


Rated 4.0 by TheMillionthFoodie

I have never seen such cute looking pancakes everrr. They are like the food you see on tastemade's mini kitchen haha. So basically you can make your own pancake here, you can choose the number of pancakes you want that is 6, 9 or 12. Then you can choose any one sauce and any two toppings. I had a mini me (6 mini pancakes) with nutella and topped with M 'n' Ms and chocolate sticks, all for a 100 bucks which is a good deal! The only reason im rating them a 4.5/5 is cause the nutella on my pancakes was tooo less. Nevertheless, its a good concept, pocket friendly and delicious tooo!


Rated 1.0 by Maitreya Datar

Not yet stable, very less options with arrogant parser. Had a bad experience No aroma Unreal pancakes, McDonald's serves better pancakes. I swear I'll never be there again. Not worth the quoted price to the quantity, super limited options and not friendly as well as pocket _friendly. Specially the arrogance of the person asking our choices is what kills your craving for the pancake the most..


Rated 5.0 by Adil Lokhandwala

Located on the outskirts of the city in the benefits of Westend mall, Pancake Factory is a deliciously modern concept. I was drawn by the aroma of fresh hot pancake batter that sizzled at its counter. The widespread variety of pancakes gave me a chance to tantalise my taste buds at my hearts desire. While others may eat out of hunger i ate out of sheer pleasure. Post ordering the delicious nuetella pancake it was pretty much as i visualised it would be, mini pancakes with flavors oozing out. The blend of sweetness was a union of multiple flavours that came along with a variety of toppings to bring out one great serving of moderately sweet pancakes. The experience was just divine. Thank god for pancakes.Kunal Jain Sonia Bagga Richa Bharara Pooja Mirani Kshitij Kothari


Rated 5.0 by Ashank Kothari

From Nutella to M&Ms, these bite size pancakes hit the sugar cravings on the spot! The perfect snack for a date, a break from shopping at the mall, an appetizer or dessert, kids, and even a lazy Sunday! Food that will make you happy. Can't wait to go again!