Baner Road, Baner Gaon
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Paak-Pakwan Reviews and Ratings - Baner Gaon, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Pratik Rajurkar

Awsome taste...the chicken curry and biryani was so delicious.I have never expected these taste in Pune.Adding to that the service was so good.very friendly people.Thanks for serving.


Rated 3.0 by Nicks

The rating 3 is only for the dum mutton Biryani However would give 5 for the privileged service given by the owner of the restaurant, though the food is not delivered in my area still efforts made by @Sagher Manchanda to drop-ship the food at my foot step...Thanks a ton for that.... Now let me come to the experience about the food: 1.) Mutton dum Biryani : rice were very nicely cooked, taste of rice n meat was succulent, served with raita 3/5, best part was that it wasn't spicy , so you can taste the dish well 2.) Keema unde curry : unde is the meat balls which were like just ordinary.... The curry taste like rassa you get usually , 1.5/5 for the taste, didn't like it at all, and the quantity as per the rates is way less , and yeah loads of oil because of which I was not convinced earlier to order food from here, But I did and wasn't happy after eating 3.) Complimentary mutton achar: well this was the most recommended dish of this joint , but as m not fond of achar flavor in non veg I dropped the idea to order this , @Sagher was kind enough to put a little portion as complimentary for me ......Though the meat pieces were moist but flavor was not up to the mark....1.5/5 I appreciate the efforts Made by @sagher .....but honestly m not with the food taste n quantity at all....

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Jaideep Singh Bagga

Amazing food with delicious taste mutton dum biryani mutton achar and kheema balls are just amazing ...Keep it up guys @priyaupadhyaya @saghermanchanda


Rated 4.0 by Rahul Singh Pawar

Amazing Delicious food and also have a varieties of Mutton dishes which are tasty and unique... Biryani and chickens are superb.. Just loved it...


Rated 5.0 by Anam Shaykh

A great place to visit for all the foodies and a perfect place to try out the mouth watering North Indian cuisines..... It's worth the visit and recommend for anyone and everyone who loves to eat as Paak-Pakwan offers homely and fresh food..!!! Cheers to the entire team of Paak- Pakwan!!!!