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Pune Central Mall, Model Colony
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Olio Reviews and Ratings - Model Colony, Pune

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Prashant Jain

The food and ambience both were really good. As I am an avid Italian food lover, I liked all their offerings. Good job fellas :) I someone is looking fir a good Veg Italian joint, this place is a good starting point!!


Rated 2.0 by Yadnyadatta Walimbe

This restaurant has good potential but needs a lot of improvement. Good ambience, food taste and portion size. We had gone for lunch after seeing the menu on zomato but were disappointed as many of the items we wanted were not available.  The service also needs improvement. We specifically said less spicy soup for my granny but it was very spicy even for me (and i love spicy food). This was with the place almost empty. Try at your own risk.


Rated 3.0 by Amogh Bhishikar

This place offers a buffet with a twist. You have selection of salads and desserts spread in a buffet. Starters, main course you can order from the set menu options. Not very ideal when you go for a buffet dining. You miss out on the buffet experience where you can look and feel various dishes and try out different varieties. The mains portion they serve are pretty tiny and are meant for single person only so if you happen to visit order accordingly. For mains you can choose from Italian, Indian, Chinese and Thai menu, so options are elaborate. We tried pasta, pizza and North Indian dishes and taste was just ok. Nothing extra ordinary. The salads were pretty good though and the blueberry cheese cake in desserts was a hit. Overall a pretty ordinary place that serves average food with decent ambience. Good for quick bite but not recommended for fine dining. Meenal Gokhale

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Subhasish Sarkar

I had my lunch at OLIO. My expectations ran very high before stepping into OLIO but my overall dining experience over there was just an averagely decent one - nothing great worth remembrance !!! 1. AMBIENCE - Quite nice; a 3.5, out of a total of 5 !!! 2. CLEANLINESS - Good, I should say; a 3.5, out of a total of 5 !!! 3. SERVICE - Painstakingly slow; a 3, out of a total of 5 !!! 4. STAFF MEMBERS : Nice, gentle, polite guys; however, they should be more friendly to their customers/guests - they had distanced themselves out entirely from all the guests/customers. They need to learn to be smarter and more professional in how they deal with their guests/customers - they need to be closer to their customers/guests. My rating of a 3, out of a total of 5, for the staff members !!! 5. FOOD & BEVERAGES: - • TASTE - Quite good. • QUALITY - Nice and good. • QUANTITY - Sufficient. • PRESENTATION - Average; they have got lots of scope to improve. • PRICE - Over priced. My rating of a 3.25, out of a total of 5, for the food and beverages which I had at OLIO !!! RECOMMENDED TO OTHERS ???? Yes !!! You can definitely give OLIO a try at least once and then decide for yourself !!!

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Himanshu Chauhan

Olio : all they served was limited starters, even limited main course, nothing they served was worth remembering, average food, decent ambience, over priced and of all with such limited food options they have atrocity of having a tag line "flavors of the world". Never going again.