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New Poona Bakery Reviews and Ratings - Solapur, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Jerlyn D'silva - JerlynFoodFanatic

This place is just next to Imperial Bakery. This place serves best naans. Ive had their paneer naan,cheese naan. The quantity of toppings is decent. Its barely 30rs for a naan. Its just like a pizza. I also enjoy their veg puff. Their birthday cakes are also soft and moist and at a reasonable price Recommended


Rated 5.0 by Joy Chatterjee

A good bakery at Camp area with its own kind of burgers, cakes, rolls, buns and other confectioneries. Rates appear to be from the 70's !!!!!!!!!!! Clean, hygienic, great taste and FULL MARKS for VALUE FOR MONEY.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Arnab Sen

New Poona Bakery outlet in Camp area is a great outlet for frequent commuters to MG Road area for shopping purposes. We even had the craze to get crazy and buy some graphic tees or other common garments at MG Road. We rode up the lanes from Baner to MG Road to chill out there. Its quite a crowded place. It was all night time , so we were looking at the crowd ,didn't notice anything interesting about this place. Next time I will come here in the morning for sure. We had some veg and cheese burgers , the burgers were prepared and served quite fast. The burgers were quite tasty , there was desi feel in the patty inside , felt like I was consuming a preservative and a chemical free burger made my hand. No No , not like a hand rolled Cuban cigar. It was tasty. Then we had some vanilla cream rolls to end it with a sweet delicacy !! Overall, a good and crowded place. Crowd is good, especially when the preparation is so perfect.


Rated 4.0 by Arti Shelar

Inside the bakery, there is a café, serving burgers, pastas, wraps, sandwiches etc. Basically the food that feels good after a college day. ;) I've been here with my friends too many number of times to count, and each time atleast one of us, orders the jumbo veg cheese burger, which is just so awesome. And the cranberry iced tea, to go along with it. It is not at all expensive and a cool place to hang out at. The ambience, the food, is really good. The serving takes some time, but considering that there are only 2 people to man the kitchen, it is expected.


Rated 5.0 by Forum Sampat

Best bakery in camp!! Must go! The veg puff is amazing.. They have bakery items and well as a cafe.. The ambience is amazing.. They have ample place to sit as well