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Nation 52

nb 3.9 / 5
Cummins College Road, Karve Nagar
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Nation 52 Reviews and Ratings - Karve Nagar, Pune


Rated 2.0 by Kedar Barve

We visited this place for Sunday lunch looking at the good ratings over zomato but we were disappointed with the actual visit experience. Maybe they are good at dinner time & most of the good ratings are due to that. But on a day like sunday and that too at 1:30 in the afternoon; it feels frustrating when: - we were asked to place an order good 15 mins after we sat. It was because some renovation work was going on in a part of hotel so service is about to start (at around 1 pm). We were fine with it as we were group of six friends so don't mind sitting & chit chatting till the service starts. - when waiter came to collect the order, we were told that cream of mushroom soup - you won't get because mushrooms are not available - while ordering main course, they first accepted plain paratha but when we confirmed that we need 'wheat' paratha & not 'maida ka paratha' the waiter went inside & came back with answer that wheat flour us finished so only naan is available - so after having starters & soup, we wrapped up & went to another hotel to get the remaining lunch While leaving we asked the waiter, how come at 1:30 in noon, you are saying no mushrooms & no wheat paratha to which his unapologetic reply was; this was due to a party previous night ( they somehow forgot about it when I booked a table for 1 pm in advance, they should have not accepted my booking then) For food & taste part: French onion soup was too spicy American corn & garlic soup was really nice In starters, veg manchurian was good Nation 52 special starter was fine but paneer in it was not that soft French fries were too oily & seems like they forgot to use tissue paper after frying those


Rated 4.0 by Snehal Medhe

So glad this place is in Karve Nagar. The variety is truly amazing! Loved the food. Tried Chicken Nawabi Matka Kebab & Chicken Dum Biryani! Must visit for a kebab lover!


Rated 4.0 by Sanskriti Saxena

Place with good ambience. Ordered Nation 52 Special, Honey Chilli Potatoe and Sizzling brownie all were tasty enough. Ambience could be more better.


Rated 1.0 by Shekhar

One of the worst hotel ever i have come across. Staff mistake are feeded and customers are blamed Taking bill of orders which are not served.. One of the hotel who dont carry manners, customer handeling or any thing which a hotel management should have and not even safe for females as the waiter who took the order had bad looks on girl which was with me Do think twice before going to such a hotel


Rated 3.0 by Aashay Zanpure

Ambience is nice.Their 'Burnt Garlic Soup' was very spicy and I wouldn't recommend it if you're ordering a spicy main course.I ordered their 'Nation 52 special kebab'(nonveg) which was a bit under cooked. 'Bajirao Mastani', a North Indian dish, was very tasty, yet a but spicy. Price wise, the restaurant is moderate. But the waiters didn't seem very professional as we had to always request for small things such as water, lemons, onions and fingerbowls. I'd have given 2.5 stars if Zomato allowed me¯\_(ツ)_/¯