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Modern Cafe

JM Road, Shivaji Nagar
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Modern Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Shivaji Nagar, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Amitkumar Singh

Always a right decision to visit here. Amazing options. One must definitely try their Modern Special Masala Dosa. They also serve tasty Chole Bhature #TheFoodieTraveler


Rated 5.0 by PRASAD GADE

Very nice place. Staff very cordial, quality of food is also good. Modern special dosa is bigger than expected, chatani is just amazing. You will get one spoon butter also And kaju khishmish topping gives it a different flavour You guys must give it a try


Rated 4.0 by Swapnil Shetty

I was near PMC and wanted to have quick lunch, nothing specific in my mind so thought of going to this place (Pure Veg). Entering and sitting at the table gave me all the 90's vibes. Felt nostalgic, a typical Udupi restaurant vibes. Looking through the menu the rates seemed to be very reasonable too. I was alone so thought of the Thali ( South Indian to be specific Mangalorean thali). When it arrived it was a lot for 110 bucks ! 2 dry vegetables, 1 rasam, 1 daal, 1 tangy semi gravy, rice curd, papad and refreshing buttermilk (ofcourse pickle, Onion and lime a thali is incomplete without them)! When it arrived i felt i ordered too much ! But again I am the one who believes in never wasting food ! So I dug in ! Not a fan of aloo sabji so that has to be finished first :D ! The other dry veg was elephant;s truck with chana dal guessing), the rasam was very subtle, a bit of tangy, sweet and spicy it reminded me of the rasam in Krishna Matt in Udupi ! The dal fry was regular dal fry with garlic and tadka again subtle, the tangy semi-gravy I am not sure but was good ! 6 puri's are too much for my appetite I was full by 5th puri but then had to finish everything the the rasam and rice combination was something I was waiting for long ! The regular steamed rice with this rasam is heavenly just a bit od ghee was missing but I can't complain. finally the plate was all wiped clean. It was time for the buttermilk ! It has a hint of ginger, salt, coriander it missed the green chillies the one you get in Mangalore/Udupi has green chilies in it. It has a cooling effect on the body during summers is what I have heard. This must have been removed to suit the local taste (just guessing because a lot of food when it travels to other states/regions and catering the masses you have to skip a few ingredient to please the masses). Like they say in hindi, " Pet bhi bhar gaya and dil bhi !!" literally ! I don't remember the last time I ordered a thali ! But just the vibes of this place made me revisit those 90's memories ! If you love South Indian specially the Udupi food you must have it here ! Highly recommended !


Rated 3.0 by Kalyani Wagaj

Cheese onion uttappa is very nice but fries are double/triple fried. Sabudana wada was also OK. Don't ever order filter coffee. It's the worst.


Rated 3.0 by Devesh Salunke

Went there with family for some decent south Indian breakfast. The service was quick and the food was delicious. I ordered the paper dosa and it was huge. Loved the experience