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Meera's Bake Lounge Reviews and Ratings - Padmavati, Pune


Rated 1.0 by Nishali Bante

Worst experience.Had ordered a cake from here. One day before, Mrs. Meera talked the whole, finalized a cake. Talked a lot about their cake quality and taste and work ethic. But then next day, when the cake was to be delivered, then she didn't picked up the call. didn't had the courtesy to inform that she is not making a cake so that i can arrange from somewhere else. Very unprofessional. Had to make last minute arrangement. And by the way they have changed the address also. I was ready to pick up the cake, halfway across from city also, just because i had liked her work on Zomato. Very Very bad experience.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Kiran

[ODE TO THE CAKE] This section is a tribute to that food which has touched everyone's life and yet we are unaware of the same. If there is one food which has deeply epitomized the pleasure, joy, achievement and celebration of the mankind then it has to be the ultimate superstar of sweets...the CAKE. So much influence has this sweet dessert made on us that think of a 'happy' birthday and you immediately get a birthday cake in front of your eyes. Wow..indeed it has neen a true witness of every individual's journey of life and happy memories. Departing from its humble origin of sweet bread.. in a true style of rags to riches story..the CAKE has now achieved the stature of opulence...a feat which no food can come close to. Moving out from home kitchens to the commercial factories in the great depression of America, it returned to the kitchen .. enriched, glamorous, polished and a precision form of cake mixes, frostings and embellishments. Thus challenging the creativity, skills and above all the love of the home baking. This gave rise to the innovative breed of home bakers who are not just passionate about their art but also exploring the possibilities and Meera's Bake Lounge is a result of such passion and love for baking. [REVIEW] Now for the review. Received a Mira's Bake Lounge coupon from Zomato appreciating my contribution. I was expecting a shop but it turned out to be a home baker Ms. Mira who is not just passionate about baking but exploring the unexplored with unique and creative ideas. FOOD - 4.5 A rather unique Mango Rasmalai cake was recommended. It had the mango glaze and decorated with white chocolate. A hint of cardomom along with rasmalai balls in it. This cake was indeed delicious. The frosting was light which i love. Personally i would have preferred the cake little fluffy and moist which again is a challenge for eggless just a wish. Nevertheless definitely RECOMMENDED 👍 and must try if you are a mango lover. SERVICE and QUALITY - 4.5 Cakes are home baked so i am so rest assured about the quality of the food and the ingredients used. Ms. Mira is a passionate baker who loves her baking. She is very innovative with the flavors and you can get the most unusual flavors here. Thus Eggless Cakes for people like me have no dearth of choices. You need to place your order at least one day before. COST - N/A I had the coupon of Rs. 500, so can't rate the same. For some who may crib about the cost plesse note that the 500 gms cake sold here is just the weight of the cake. The weight of the frosting is not included in it. So your cake can easily reach up to 800 gms. AMBIENCE - N/A OERALL RATING - 4.5 Definitely worth a try for the innovative flavors and unique ideas. RECOMMENDED👍


Rated 1.0 by Punefoodie

not a good experience . Did not delivered as per promised and had to make alternate arrangement at last moment . Not a professional approach .


Rated 5.0 by Rashmee.kulkarni

I had ordered b day cake for my daughter...chocolate mocha with princess theme..too gud taste and wonderful decoration (all lil girls specially loved fairy characters on d cake) ...simply awesome!


Rated 5.0 by Bhakti Kulkarni

Lovely cakes and awesome taste. We love cakes baked by ur bake lounge and always crave for them :). You are not just a great baker but also a wonderful person. Thanks  lot.