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McDonald's Reviews and Ratings - Ashok Nagar, Pune


Rated 3.0 by Snehal Kokane

This outlet you can definitely visit with your friends and family. For taste and service I don't think I should mention anything. As Mcd is known for its service. Do try beverages.


Rated 4.0 by Vivek Namdeo

typical McDonald restaurant, only the plus point here is , it is situated at relatively empty building, so you can get tables eaisly. as it is just beside the e-squre theater, so perfect place to have something before or after movie time.


Rated 2.0 by Vedant Gurav

Although we got the medium Mc Aloo tikki meal for ₹99 using the McDonald's app The store didn't have straws for our coke How do they expect us to have our cokes and coke floats?! 😅😅😅

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Hungry Young Man -AmisH

Now, I know you guys would be wondering that who reviews a McDonalds outlet on Zomato? Cause its somewhat the same throughout the country, and so there is nothing much to talk about, right? But I disagree, because its not just about the food and service and ambience, but about the emotions involved as well. Over the course of two years of my masters at SPPU, this particular outlet of McDonalds has been a life saver. Every time I craved something tasty, and was not in the mood to experiment something new, I would pop on my ear phones, enjoy some music and land up here after a 15 minutes walk.  Savouring the familiar taste of that yummy Aloo Tikki, munching on those salted and crunchy fries, sipping on my drink. It felt like a tiny little heaven itself. And these aren't the only things I have tried here, mind you. I have tried each and everything from their menu at some point of time. I tried the McEgg for the first time here, and man I was amazed. If a preparation has egg, cheese and bread I already love it. Here the cheese was replaced by mayo, but that works too. A tasty, somewhat healthy meal, fit to be eaten anytime of the day!  I also tried the so called Chatpata Aloo Naan, and its the excat same thing as aloo tikki, just replaced the buns with a hot naan made of maida. I can't say I particularly liked it, but its a good variation in the menu. McDonalds also has exciting offers on its own website/app, along with on various popular wallets too, so you can avail those cashbacks and enjoy your meal even more. Thank you, McDonald's for being there for me. Happy Burping!!!


Rated 1.0 by Nandu Pardeshi

This is the type of burger they serve to the customer very bad service plz people dot visit the outlet staff will you abuse you if you ask for anything