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East Street, Central Street Camp
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Marz-O-Rin Reviews and Ratings - Central Street Camp, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Reena.jv


Rated 4.0 by Rashmita T Shetty

It's been my favourite place since childhood, I prefer having a small pizza and pasta all over again and again every time I visit. Must visit


Rated 1.0 by Priyesh Neema

Well I went to this place with my friend 3-4 time loved this place but today I went with a friend who came from different city, we were having our coffee with conversation going on, after 45 minutes their staff member came and asked us to move out from place even when we didn't even finished our coffee, when told this to their manager they didn't do anything. Never gonna visit this place ever in lifetime. This behavior against customer shows us all this place is care about money not customer satisfaction, Don't go to this place if we are thinking of spending a quality time as their rude behavior will ruin your day. Worst experience Wasted my money on this pathetic place. Not at all recommended to anyone.


Rated 5.0 by Yash Kadam

This place shouts out the legendary status which it has achieved over the years in pune. The food is typically rich , and quite flavoursome. Lot of focus has been given on maintaining the quality over the years. Do give it a try. !


Rated 3.0 by AnkzFoodDiaries

This iconic and old place serve one of the best chutney sandwiches in town. I like to eat the itself, watching the vehicles pass by but recently ordered something from here. Chutney sandwich - best, recommended Cheese macaroni - too good, must try Chicken sandwich - had a awful smell, I didn't like it Cheese burger - no appealing filling, too much mayo n cheese I'd recommend this place for chutney sandwich and macaroni only