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Malaka Spice

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Koregaon Park
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Malaka Spice Reviews and Ratings - Koregaon Park, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Shashank Mehrotra

Had been to this place after a friend recommended to try out Thai Curry. Courteous hospitality by the staff- Gyaan made the entire experience exceptional coupled with great ambience ofcourse. It's a quiet cosy place amidst in lanes of Koregaon Park. Quantity wise the food could easily serve 4 of us. So thumbs up to that as well.


Rated 1.0 by Piyusha Singh

Not very happy with the food standard. The noodles were dry and distasteful, so much that we had to leave most of it on the plate. Manager not very friendly too. His response when we said that food isn’t tasting good was - “okay”


Rated 4.0 by Baishali Barthakur


Rated 5.0 by Tarun Saxena

Intended Rating - 4.5/5Malaka Spice has been one of the most celebrated restaurants in pune. It has been a doyen when it comes to serving south east asian food. Recently, I got a chance to visit them. #Ambience The ambience is fantastic -both inside and outside. During my visit, we were seated outside as we reached at around 4 pm when the indoor section is closed. The seating is quite comfortable with tiled tables and wood-seat chairs. The bamboo plants around and the round lights hanging all around aim to create the quintessential south east asian surroundings. #Service The service was of top notch quality and we were served with utmost sincerity and warmth. All our requests were accepted gleefully and we were helped in deciding our order. #Food We ordered the following during our visit- Thai Mutton Chops- This is the MUST dish to be ordered , if you eat mutton and are visiting Malaka Spice. It comprises of juicy and succulent mutton chops done in delicious sauce. It is so flavourful, that you feel like repeating it over and over again. #HIGHLYRECOMMENDED Singapore Chilli Prawn Noodles- The noodles were done to perfection and had good mix of vegetables along with prawns. The spice and sauces used while cooking created the perfect taste for us. Green Pepper Chicken- To accompany the noodles, we ordered green pepper chicken.Now, I was quite skeptical for the fact that I had a notion that we only get coconut milk based main course dishes at Malaka Spice. Since, I don't like coconut milk in my food, I was not too keen to order any main course at all. but, to my pleasant surprise, they did have a fairly sizable section in their menu having dishes which don't use coconut milk. We suggested the captain to advise us and he told us to go for Green pepper chicken. It was a semi gravy dish in which boneless chicken chunks were done in a lip smacking gravy filled with veggies. We loved it to the T and it went beautifully with the noodles. #HighlyRecommended The total bill was 1500 INR which was a bit expensive. But still, I cant wait for my next visit to Malaka Spice.


Rated 5.0 by Natasha Patil

We headed to this place after a hectic day at work. And since we were away from home, we were wanting to explore a peaceful location with good food. Malaka Spice proved to be just the right fit.  We thoroughly enjoyed the meal (for most of which we trusted on the staff at Malaka Spice).  We had - Top Hats (4/5) Pumpkin Chips (5/5) - Must try at Malaka Spice Burmese Curry Noodles (4/5) - Even though the menu says, it serves one, two of us were unable to finish it. Jaggery Ice Crea, (6/5) The MOST amazing ice cream I ever had For drinks, we ordered Malaka Ice Tea and Malaka Sling. Both of which were refreshing and tasty.  I just have one suggestion for them, to open an outlet in Mumbai :P Definitely a must visit place, if you are in Pune Keep up the good work Malaka Spice