Mahabaleshwar Berry Bash

Sinhagad Road, Vadgaon
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Mahabaleshwar Berry Bash Reviews and Ratings - Vadgaon, Pune

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Ankita

Visited this place for 2 times and i felt it is quite good. I liked strawberry with cream and cocolate with cream and i tried brownie frape which was yeah good place and morely pocket friendly. But atmosphere is totally boring😐😔

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sanjeev Shetty

At the time I had visited it was new in the town. They have some nice menu of milkshake which was mouth watering we did tried few of them among them strawberry and frappuccino was awesome loved it give it a try they have reasonable rates and good ambience inside small but good.


Rated 3.0 by Sonii Sathe

I never visited this outlet before until yesterday! I always thought that the dishes taste same in all the outlets but damn I was wrong! We ordered Corn Cheese Sandwich, Veg grill sandwich, kiwi with cream and chocolate with cream. ➡️Quality: The sandwiches were tasteless! We first ordered 2 corn cheese sandwiches but the guy there said the corn they had was sufficient for only one corn sandwich so we had to order Veg grill instead. No salt in Veg grill sandwich. Kiwi and chocolate with cream were good. (3.0/5.0) ➡️Quantity: Lesser than it should be. More then half of the things in the menu were not available..also, I wasn't really full even when I had half Veg grill and half corn cheese sandwich. Also I ordered Kiwi with cream in medium size but got the small size instead. My stomach almost seemed empty and so did my pockets! (3.0/5.0)....speaking of which.... ➡️Prices: High! Well they have same menu and prices in all the outlets but the others have the taste worth paying for. This outlet? Nah! Not really pocket friendly! (2.5/5.0) ➡️Ambience: Ambience is okay. I have a thing for wooden tables and chairs so I like it. Clean. But the place is congested and hot as hell! No fans were on and I was friggin melting!!! (3.0/5.0) ➡️Time/Service: Very slow! It took almost 45 mins for the order to arrive at the table, Again unlike the other outlets! And we were the only customers!! (2.8/5.0) ➡️Staff: well....sort of ignorant. Didn't bother to take the order himself. Didn't even move to give water when I asked and instead told me to take it myself from the other table. Told us to leave when we were waiting for some files to get transferred in my brothers Pendrive. There were no costumers waiting or anything! (1.5/5.0) #Disappointed


Rated 1.0 by Thê Fōôdiñístå 😇

One of the worst ever decisions to try this place.After spending 200... The quantity is a joke! Lol. Ordered Cheese chilly toast , Veg grill , Potato shots. Toast is burnt. Veg grill lacks Salt and nothing new in potato shots as they are market made frozen products. Try this place only if you wanna burn a hole in ur pocket + ruin your mood. Not worth it.


Rated 4.0 by Shreyas Bhide

They are the best at what they do - Fruits and Cream. The rest of the menu options are decent too. But I strongly suggest trying their Fruits and Cream options ... all of them. I dropped here on a hot Sunday afternoon and the Mango and Cream was an absolute blessing! Was a bit disappointed Raspberry and Cream or Litchi and Cream weren't available. So, I ordered Chocolate and Cream, which was a tad too chocolatey ... but yummy nevertheless. Food: 5/5 Service: 3/5 Ambiance: 3/5