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Lai Bhari Kolhapuri

Hinjawadi Road, Hinjewadi
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Lai Bhari Kolhapuri Reviews and Ratings - Hinjewadi, Pune


Rated 1.0 by Sagar Deshmukh

Worst Kolhapuri hotel in Pune. The food is terrible here, the mutton was undercooked n and they used artificial colour in gravy. The place is very unhygienic with stains on the floor and wash basin. Wasted my money and time here.


Rated 1.0 by Mohit Saksena

One of the worst restaurant I ever been at in my life. the reason being is here is what happened. I reached there about 3:30pm there and asked would i be getting lunch now, they said yes sir, we are open, we ordered our food, and when we started our food, we asked them to repeat more Roti (Indian bread) they straight away said sir we cannot serve you roti anymore as kitchen is closed. Most embarrassing thing ever could happened to anyone. In terms of service these guys must not be in the industry which has HOSPITALITY as its one core most important soul of it!! Straight to the owners, your food and your service is truly worst ever I could ever experienced so far in my life!


Rated 1.0 by Gaman Rathod

Pathetic service with disastrous food just wasted my time and money visiting this place. A completely unexpected experience by lai bhari kolhapuri. Captain as well as staff are non cooperative please ignore to visit here rather stay hungry.


Rated 4.0 by Tushar Sarkar

This is a place where you go for the exquisitely spicy Maharashtrian cuisine, "Kolhapuri". I was planning for this place for some time now & finally went there on Sunday; though we were late, we got the food & the experience. Ambiance: It's like a "dhaba" ! except for the fact that there are tables still. other than that, the seating arrangement(s) are quite cool ! they've placed "khatiyas" or cots in place of the chairs (there are some chairs also, but not much). it's a great place to hang out with your near & dear ones sans the booze, hip-hop & others; but a very quite evening with a great food experience. Though, the experience could be better with some more improvements. Food: As we were late, our fault, there was less options for the food. So, we ordered Chicken Sukka for the starters & a Mutton Fry plate and a Mutton masala plate for main course. The chicken sukka was amazing ! with a little hint of coconut in it, moderately spicy & awesome taste. With the Mutton fry & masala plates, there is an option for getting a mutton kheema masala or egg masala. As mentioned that as we were late many things were finished; so we got the egg masala. The Mutton fry was AWESOME. It was a different taste altogether from any other cuisine of red meat & heavily hot ! (take precautions of having cold drinks or curd while having the food here). The meat was not much tenderized, but went on good with the spices. The mutton masala was ok (not upto my liking) & the masala of both the egg & the mutton tasted the same, so I didn't like them much. Now, there was the "Pandhra Rassa" or the white soup (chicken stew) & the "Tambda Rassa" or red soup (mutton stew), & they were unlimited. The white soup was very good; hot & non spicy and tasted wery good on a cold night. On the other hand I didn't like the red soup; felt like only chilli powder floating on water. So, the in all experience for food was good & hope to try the place again in a very near future to get the full experience. Service: It is good with a very helpful & courteous staff who are willing to jump up for any kind of assistance. So in all, I'm hoping to get a more better experience when I go there next & of course early.


Rated 3.0 by Kalyan Pendse

Not so good... Place.. Went there cause the name said lai bhari.. Kholapuri.. But surprisingly no kholapuri food is served there.. But only reason im giving 3 stars.. Cause.. The food which we got that day.. Was good.. We orderd chicken handi.. Good for 4 of us.. Wven the roti served with it was good... Overall ok experience..