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Karachi Sweet Mart Reviews and Ratings - Central Street Camp, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Dipen Sharma

Karachi sweet Mart The only place where Samosas are Sassy , This Place Delivers the Soothing Taste of Chat , Being A North Indian Living in Pune this Place Has Covered All The North Possibilities


Rated 3.0 by FOOD BLOGGER

This store is located right in the pride and heart of Pune City. (MG Road) They have got all varieties of sweet in this mart! Name it and they have it, they provide sample tasting as well!!


Rated 5.0 by Murli Chari

Couple of years ago I had the fortune to taste the wide varieties of biscuits and left me speechless as it was luscious and scrumptious. This december 2018 I visited their store in Tolly Chowki Hyderabad the home to Karachi Sweet Mart. I chanced upon other varieties and also motichoor ke laddu and I was stunned by the divinity of delicacies. Its been there since 1953. We are blessed to have such an institution catering to the clients with same zeal, enthusiasm and courtesy on a perennial basis. Their malls arouse aura, ambiance  and grandeur. The culinary skills of the bakers are commendable. We wish that the shops adore all over the world to give burgeoning and lingering taste to one and all.


Rated 1.0 by L Pune

Would've loved to rate negative if that option was available! They can lie through their nose! I specifically asked for saffron/keshar mithai on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi for Bhog purpose. They confirmed it has saffron in it and I didn't really get into tasting a sample as I trusted they will not lie about it especially knowing it was the pedha modaks for Ganpati Prasad! We did the bhog and 1 bite of the Prasad we couldn't swallow! It was insanely loaded with sugar! tasteless! And no sign of saffron!! And they charge a premium for it! I went to the shop again with the box of pedha modaks I'd bought, on purpose asked if that pedha modak on display had saffron, They again said yes, so I made then taste it and asked if it had saffron&they still had the audacity to say yes. Then asked the owner lady&she did not comment anything and was only bothered to give a refund and didn't seem 1 bit shameful about the taste, quality&lying about the quality of their products! Apart from Samosa which you can get at lot of good places, don't bother to waste your time, money&most important, the importance of the occasion, why we buy sweets! THIS SHOP IS A CHEATERS SHOP! NO QUALITY! NO TASTE! WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND!


Rated 3.0 by Lovetek S

delivery was too late by the shop