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Jai Ganesh Dosa Centre

Gokhale Nagar
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Jai Ganesh Dosa Centre Reviews and Ratings - Gokhale Nagar, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Manoj Kolhe

I'm visiting this place from 4 years. Located near SB road. I have tried almost all the dishes . Spong dosa, tomato uttapanm are good. This place is mostly crowded, and proper sitting is not available. Also need to improve cleanliness. But it's pocket friendly so if you are low on cash do visit this place.


Rated 4.0 by Sushil Bhosale

Cleanliness 4* Taste 4.5* Quality4* Pocket friendly 5* Best and in minimum cost.... Best for south Indian breakfast 🤘👍 Special: Sponge dosa + Dahi wada


Rated 1.0 by Shubham Kushwaha

Very bad quality of food and don't know what they add in coconut chutney it taste like that they have added bitter gourd (karela) in it. Very bad experience.


Rated 3.0 by Hungry Young Man -AmisH

I was really 'CRAVING' for some dosa, when I came to know about this place on zomato ofcourse. It had everything a money conserving student like me looks for in a place. A pleasant walk away, so you build up the appetite along the way. And extremely affordable and value for money. The place is not a fancy one, but what you have to appreciate is that its well kept and maintained. Rows of chairs and tables, parallel to each other stationed in an orderly fashioned. The staff is friendly, but is kind of in their own world as well, which is a bit funny. I really enjoyed the food they serve here and owning to that fact, I visited this dosa joint thrice in a span of 6 days! On my first visit, I had - CHEESE MASALA DOSA - This is what I always look out for when I want to try dosas. It has everything in it. Filling potato sabji, crunchy dosa and tasty cheese. Unlike other dosas, like mysore masala its not too heavy, just the right size. I won't be lying if I said that I enjoyed this dish. Though the amount of potato filling and cheese was a bit less, and un-proportionate for the price at which its served, it was totally worth it. The sambar tasted good, but the chutney had a very high coconut content. Overall, loved the cheese masala dosa!! Surpringly enough, I wasn't full after having the dosa, so went for, MEDU WADA -  They were moderately crunchy, warm at the very least. When I took the first bite, I thought I tasted something weired. I figured out that it can't me the chutney or sambar, cause I just had then a minute ago and they tasted fine. So I guess the vada were the one with the funny taste! On my next visit, a couple of days later, if I am not mistaken, I had, ONION UTTHAPPA - This dish, was nothing out of the blue. It tasted good, was filling and satiated me! Thats all we ask of a meal now don't we!?? My third, and most recent visit was a bit weired, If I must say. PURI BHAJI - So apart from the Idli Dosa, they also had Puri bhaji to offer and so I was like, lets try this today. Firstly I was a bit disappointed because it was not the potato sabji that you expect it to be, but rather a gravy based mutter ( peas ) based sabji, which was not tasty. The good part was the poris were freshly prepared all hot and ready to be eaten. This dish is something I would recommend you guys to stay put of. CHOCOLATE DOSA - Now I personally felt that chocolate dosa was over-rated, but a friend accompanying me was curious to try it. The dosa was crunchy, just like a normal dosa. It was then sprayed or topped with chocolate sauce. Yes thats  it, a dosa topped with highly unadequate portion of chocolate. But the story doesn't end there, they served the 'chocolate dosa' along with potato sabji, sambar and chutney! Now chocolate dosa is a dessert, and you don't serve it with chutney and sambar and definitely not with potato masala! It was really dry, and got difficult to swallow. Its good that the management tried adding this dish in the menu, but you need to know how to make the dish! Right? They tried making choholate dosa, and completely messed it up. Sai Ganesh Dosa centre is a good place to satisfy your dosa cravings, worth a evening snack or perhaps even a light dinner. Happy Burping!!!


Rated 4.0 by Subhasis Mistri

Good place to have good and easy on the pocket food. Crowded at times, a good place to visit with your college gang. Small place but easy to locate.