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Jagaat Bhaari Kolhapuri

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Jagaat Bhaari Kolhapuri Reviews and Ratings - Parvati, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Trupt

ll जगात भारी कोल्हापुरी ll या हॉटेल चा मेनू अगदीच लिमिटेड आहे, पण जो आहे तो अप्रतिम सुंदर आहे. टीप: ज्यांना अख्खा मसूर आवडते त्यांनीच या हॉटेलला जा...


Rated 4.0 by Durgesh Bonde

The akkha Masoor here is one of the best you can ever have. I really like the food here. Especially the butter roti with Akkha Masoor. The quality and cleanliness is improved than the next time. It proved to be worthy for time. Also no tension and hassle of what to order.... So overall it's a very good place.


Rated 1.0 by Amey Bangle

ATTENTION EVERYONE..!! I was a fan of this restaurant. They dont maintain hygiene much but i ignored it till now. But now i Regret it. Today i ordered Akkha Masoor from here and it had a DEAD COCKROACH in It.!! Think 10 times before ordering from here. I am done with Jagat Bhari Kolhapuri.


Rated 4.0 by Mittali

A dish that not every resturant can prepare in the authentic way! I tried their speciallity of akha masur and tandoori roti when I didn't even know there existed a curry like this Has been my favorite ever since then Perfectly spicy curry server with a large roti, one roti is fulfilling enough Tried their kushka rice also To gulp all this down we love their vanilla milkshake Do visit this place and try all these, you'll love it


Rated 4.0 by Parag Pathak

Awesome spicy Taste !! Unique cuisine Akkha Masur, Just loved it. Jagat bhari is the place for spicy Kolhapuri Akkha Masur and is just mind blowing. Visit atleast once. You gonna lobe it too.