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Ingole Biryani House

Karve Nagar
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Ingole Biryani House Reviews and Ratings - Karve Nagar, Pune

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Rohan Mallya

This place serves awesome Biryani. We Loved it. Keep up the good work. Maintain the same taste and I am sure you will succeed. All the best.


Rated 2.0 by Kiran Ghodke

Not that good. Got halfassed cooked biryani. Taste was mediocre. Service was okay but needs to improve the cooking. That's all I'm gonna say.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Nikhil Sardeshmukh

When you are an unmarried guy living in a city like Pune and earning slightly (!!) less than Bill Gates, you are on a constant lookout for cost effective (read: affordable) places serving comparatively filling food portions. Today, this review will be talking about one of such places: Ingole Biryani House. If you start from Matoshri old age home near Rajaram bridge towards Coummins college, 2 mins down the road, to your right, you will come across this small shop like eatery called Ingole Biryani House.  This modest establishment checks all the right boxes in the above mentioned criteria. What you can actually see in the pic is a HALF mutton biryani which was sufficient enough to feed 1.5 people with moderate hunger. For steaming hawt bowl of fragrant rice with plenty of nicely cooked tender meat and unlimited supply of that red रस्सा, for Rs.150, it was more than worth it. They also do serve mean chicken biryani with equally filling quantity for the same price.  I do admit the restaurant is not your typical "fine dining" place or even the tastewise I'd still prefer SP's साजुक तुपातली biryani over this, but like I said before it is certainly a tiny VFM place with wholesome filling portions.  The sitting arrangement is slightly cramped and I prefer to have it parceled over to my place.  Overall it's a "not that bad" experience and certainly worth to try atleast once."


Rated 5.0 by Dhanesh Joshi

It's one of the best biryani joints in Pune. Don't go on its looks , the biryani here is massively tasty, amazingly pure, and wonderfully crafted.... Highly recommended to those, who want to explore marathi biryani options......

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Food And Foodies Shall Prevail

I had been to this place sometime back after reading couple of reviews from fellow foodies and friends.  It comes across as a place where you get decent quality and portions of biriyani at a relatively  reasonable price and very light on the pocket. I have not been able to go back again to try out the other things they have to offer but the biriyani i had tried on my last visit was pretty good. You cannot really categorize the biriyani served here in to any category as such because the preparation is home style and the kind of food the owners eat regularly at their homes is what they have tried to replicate out here.  The spices and masala flavor is very prominent and the thin curry accompanying the biriyani adds a nice flavor to it and for someone like me who likes the rice to be a bit moist, this works out really well. I would definitely want to visit them soon and see what else there is to be tried. #FoodAndFoodiesShallPrevail