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Independence Brewing Company Reviews and Ratings - Mundhwa, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Kartikey Gadgil

Being a Baner resident I always keep visiting IBC on Balewadi High Street because it's one of my favorite places to go for having some delicious food and craft beers. I visited this Mundhwa branch for the first time for the tasting of their new menu. The management and service here is really good & the ambience offers both rustic and fine dine feel. Starting with beers : I tried their two new brews : 1) Whiskey Lager : This beer offers a light smokey bacon flavor at the start and then finishes on sweet notes. So bacon lovers you are gonna love this one!! 2) Brown Ale : This beer offers more chocolate and nutty flavors but it's not like a Stout because this beer overall is more on the sweet side rather than bitter like a stout. Coming to the food : Some dishes from the New Menu which I personally tried are : 1) Sichuan Cauliflower : Now I am not really a big fan of cauliflower and I hate it but but but this dish really changed my opinion. This dish maybe the first caulifower dish which I loved!!!!! The cauliflower chunks served were generous in size and nice and crispy on the outside with a nice spicy sriracha flavor coming through. 2) Honey Chilli Lotus Stem : The lotus stem was not cooked properly and hence it was raw instead of getting a nice crisp to it. The Honey Chilli sauce was a little bit too sweet and because of which it overpowered the spicy chilli flavor. 3) Chicken & Cheese Nuggets : These were crumbed nuggets with a filling of herbs ,chicken and cheese. As far as the flavor is concerned I loved it but it did not deliver the cheese part as there was literally very very little cheese and all you could taste was chicken and herbs. This dish was served with a mustard mayo. 4) Street Style Pizza : The name says it all. This was literally similar to the pizza you get at any small local food joint. It's a desi pizza basically. Onion , Capsicum , Cheese, Ketchup and Chilli were the only ingredients. For me the taste was a little bland and I think more sauce should be added to it as it is loaded with with above mentioned veggies and cheese. 5) Mutton Kheema Masala : This was my 2nd favorite dish here. The mutton kheema was a little tangy and perfectly spicy. What I loved about this dish was the texture. The kheema was melting in mouth which just added to the pleasure of eating it. The mini pav served with this dish are made in house but I personally thought that they were dense which made them a little soggy from inside after a point of time. Also do not forget to try their amazing desserts. My favorite here are Coconut Panna Cotta & Dark Chocolate Mousse. Try the combo of Dark Chocolate Mouse along with a nice pint of Stout❤️


Rated 4.0 by Surjeet Singh

We reached very late, enjoyed our pitcher it was a great wheat beer. Outer deck was peaceful to sit, please go with ample amount of time in hand to enjoy the same.


Rated 5.0 by Ashwin Nagaraj


Rated 4.0 by Kaus

Did a 2nd visit to this place during my last few trips to the city. Since I prefer tap beer over bottled, I was recommended to come here. Nice large joint, casual and enough outdoor and indoor seating - in Pune, sitting outside can be pleasant. Music a bit retro, but peppy and not too loud, good for a conversation. Service staff attentive. Decided to start with their IPA - decent, wish it was stronger. Took their small measure - it disappeared pretty fast since I tend to take 3 sips at one go - as advised once by an old gentleman in Munich that to taste the beer, 3 sips are needed. Followed that up with their wit and a lager. After 3 beers, I guess I was pretty boozy. The beers were good, not great. On the food side, we tried their tandoor items - chicken tikkas, lamb sheekh and tandoori chicken - pretty good actually. We also had the South Indian prawn dish - avoidable. Costing came up to about Rs. 1,600 a head - seems fine. If one is looking for beer on tap, and a casual place to catch up with friends, this is a good one.


Rated 2.0 by Shweta Aggarwal

After a few recommendations, I went to experience Independence Brewing Company with my friends. The aura is very positive and definitely carries a character. The interior is minimalistic, which makes it an excellent fine-dining restaurant. Everything about IBC is classy and is a statement for other high-end chains. Frankly speaking, I was highly impressed, but then suddenly, something happened. Zomato Gold 2+2 over drinks was accepted here, but as I showed my account to the waiter, he asked for my Zomato Membership email to confirm, which I found very weird. I tried to explain him nicely, but he said that it's a management policy, so finally, I called the manager. He mentioned that a lot of people shows someone else's account to avail the offer. I know that I shouldn't be upset as it's their job, but for me, it was too much of an inquiry. IBC is a brewery so we started with the Beer Flight. The presentation was certainly eye-catching, but none of us liked any of the samplers, so we directly went for straight-up drinks and food. Assorted Veg Tandoori Platter was plated nicely, but a lot was happening when it comes to spices. The flavors were complicated, rather than calm and mild. It felt as if too much effort has been wasted with no outcome. The place stocks a 4+ rating, and maybe in future I will also experience the same, but for now, this is my verdict.  Let me know in the comments section about your experience.