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Secret Heart Town
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Hott Bakery Reviews and Ratings - Secret Heart Town, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Santy Mathews

This is one of the best non veg snack takeaway places in Wanorie. Prices are extremely cheap and are very student friendly. Any item and I mean any item here is tasty. That is a challenge I can throw.The best part is their post 9 pm scheme where on select items it's 1+1 free.


Rated 1.0 by Lynette Sequeira

Where exactly is this place at Nancy Towers? I went today however could not locate this place. Saw much more,Bhavnagari but unable to find this place.Please help


Rated 2.0 by Maria Vardhan

Food rating : 2 This place is very pocket friendly for fast/quick food options, but have lost the quality and hygiene bit. Have tried many non veg options - Chicken crispy cutlet, Chicken samosa, Chicken danish pie, rather should say anything that involves a white sauce or content is not good at all. It taste lesser chicken and more flour ( Maida atta). Also very less flavoursome. The rolls - Creamy chicken roll or even barbeque roll have very less chicken in them. Chicken Farcha, Chicken Shawarma are items to surely try and eat. Come to the hygiene factor is something they need to work on.  The staff is really excellent no doubt. Second Review : Parcelled some good from the place and it totally was not up to the mark or should say shouldn't eat it. Reshmi Kabab - Didn't have chicken in it all and was thick white sauce rolled fried being served as Reshmi kabab. Chicken kabab - Tiny minced chicken fried balls. Some piece had bone in it too. Chicken Puff should have some more chicken. The price they are selling it at is pocket friendly but the food definitely not stomach friendly.


Rated 4.0 by Siddharth

Nice, simple place with good food. The mutton cutlets are so good they have become a regular fare at our house. Real value for money. Recommended if you are in the area!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nayantara Gupta

Super Hott doesn't have many options for me because I'm vegan. But the staff has always been helpful enough to recommend items for me - all of which have been yum. I like the samosas and the veg sliders/burgers (I eat them without cheese or mayo) Today, I had the veg dhansak. It was delicious and filling (good enough for two) This place is also very pocket friendly.