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Hotel Nagpur Reviews and Ratings - Sadashiv Peth, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Dipti Shetty

I have been eating at this restaurant since my childhood . They serve great Saoji Mutton curry n bhakri which is a complete dish in itself ... Unbeatable aroma of spices , taste of #Rassa (mutton curry) and perfectly cooked meat is what make them stand unique ! But now a days there is little change in their curry ..It's a request if they maintain their traditional taste it would be great pleasure and treat for foodie like me😊😎


Rated 5.0 by Manav Malhotra

Fantastic meal at Nagpur, food is very traditional and delicious. Menu is very limited but each dish is worth trying. Seating is extremely limited only 12 seats but worth the wait. Great on pocket too. Spoiler Alert: Food can be quite spicy


Rated 5.0 by Ruturaj Desai

This place is a pure addiction...the saoji meat they cook is so delicious that it forces me to visit them atleast once in 15 days...piping hot curry,spicy mutton fry and the bhakri is the speciality of hotel Nagpur. Note: waiting time is very long,please call for a table and reservations.


Rated 4.0 by Vaibhao Tatte

If ambience & service is your priority while choosing a restaurant or you are looking for budget friendly place then Nagpur should not be your choice. Seating is very odd & you have to face to wall while Seating. This is quite old place & have its own loyal patrons who loves the taste. Majority of the customer are mutton lover & chicken is always limited. For lunch it starts at 1 PM & open till they have stock. We love the mutton fry here which is always pipping hot. Kala masala taste is predominant & taste is unique. Bhakari is always hot & can be made crispy on request. We also love the mutton pulao here. Their mutton is of Bolhai & it's always cooked to perfection. If you are a mutton lover & fine with ambience then this is a must visit place.


Rated 1.0 by Rohan Girkar

The place is way more expensive than It appears.. they serve very limited items with extraordinary price. He charged me 220 bucks for one bhakri(bread) and chicken rassa(chicken gravy) also the food is very spicy. The service is very poor. I was waiting almost half an hour for the food. The only thing I liked is the ambiance, the place is very neat and clean.