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Hite Bar

Kedari Nagar Road, Netaji Nagar
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Hite Bar Reviews and Ratings - Netaji Nagar, Pune


Rated 1.0 by Fakhruddin Ezzy

Today I ordered 4 chicken shawarma sandwich and this is what we found inside the sandwich ( free insect ). Order was cold and looked like was prepared before or may be from a day before. Worst experience. Nobody ready to help. Restaurant not accepting mistake and zomato no response


Rated 1.0 by Abdul Foodie Khan

The chicken patty seemed like veg. Went and asked the manager to which he told it ain't. Swear it tasted just like their veg patty. Literally no presence of chicken whatsoever. Place is dirty. Stinks. Also the Kati Kebab roll was just okay. Do not visit this place keeping the taste of their camp branch. Never visiting again.


Rated 1.0 by Uparna Das

Ordered chicken burger and received A burger but it didnt have any chicken in it. It felt strange so i tore a piece of the patty to taste it. First of all the inside was all brown and I am pretty sure that a chicken patty is white inside. Moving on, it didnt taste like chicken at all or like any meat. My guess is it was some kind of substitute like soyabean. The restaurant is most likely doing this to save some bucks on the cost and cheating the customers. Never ordering from this restaurant ever again.


Rated 1.0 by Saquib Khan

The worst place to order! I ordered a Kathi roll and they served me the worst Kathi roll of my life! It was a thick roti instead of thin and the egg inside was not cooked and thick too and I don't know how many days they had kept that Cooked chicken, it was smelling like hell! If you don't know the meaning of real kathi roll please don't serve and loot our money, it was the worst kathi roll of my life! Guys i suggest you to stay away from this fraud i would die hungry rather than ordering from this place next time


Rated 3.0 by Rani Sharma

I have tried chicken cheese burger when first time then was good but 2nd try was not worth as per burger cost. So I recommend to enhance the quality of the burgers and maintain cleanliness 🙂