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Granny's Bowl

BS Dhole Patil Road, Dhole Patil Road
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Granny's Bowl Reviews and Ratings - Dhole Patil Road, Pune


Rated 3.0 by Slaydoublecheese | Saachi Gupta

Recently I’ve discovered a liking towards vegan food which made me order from Granny’s bowl and they did not disappoint ! I ordered - 2 cheese sandwich - if you are a cheese lover do not miss this ! I repeat DO NOT MISS THIS ! The sandwhich has cheese oozing out in every bite (Vegan cheese) Mock meat biryani- thoughtfully named😆 this dish will convince you that what you see is not true ! It looks just like chicken biryani but is soya biryani ... the soya was nice ! Smoked Kheema Pav- this is again minced soya and not kheema it was fine not great ! Raw vegan brownie - if you like vegan food then go for it ! It didn’t suit my taste bud much .. Follow slaydoublecheese for more updates


Rated 5.0 by The Chow Squad

Tried vegan food for the first time here and being an hardcore non vegetarian, this was quite an good experience. I had the vegan buritto, raw vegan noodles, lasagna and shahi tukda for dessert. absolutely loved the vegan buritto. it was delicious and big enough for 2. raw vegan noodles was more of a salad. noodle shaped cut veggies was very healthy. the shahi tukda was my favourite. couldn't really tell the difference between vegan and the real thing. must visit for vegetarians and vegans of pune.


Rated 4.0 by Sampada Joshi

Looking for a vegan option? You have this multi cuisine deliver only place. Got my food delivered from here and I had really not thought that I would like vegan food so much. Had ordered Mock Meat Biryani, Mac n Cheese, Raw Vegan Sushi and Raw Vegan Tiramisu. The biriyani was simply awesome. Mac n cheese was good but non vegan people may or may not like it as the taste of dairy products differ a lot. Sushi was not the normal one. It was the stuffing in cucumber thick slices. The filling was really good, but personally I didn't like the raw cucumber covering. Tiramisu was tastyyy. Will definitely recommend this place for people who are vegan n especially for people who are looking forward to turn vegan.


Rated 4.0 by Akshay Thamke

Food is good at quality I personally like burger and chai , serving is good ambiance of the restaurant is quite simple music is missing in the environment


Rated 5.0 by Ananya Sinha

I’m literally out of words for the food here!!!! I have been to mostly all the vegan restaurants in Mumbai, Goa and Pune and i can say Granny’s bowl is the BEST so far!!!! 😍😍 All the items were so flavorful and delicious !! Totally worth the wait! ❤️😍 Loved everything but if i had to pick out a few.. absolutely loved the bagel and manakeesh! I never liked baklava before but decided to give this one a try and omg i love it!!!!!! Jaya is a magical chef 😬 kudos to her for managing everything single handedly! And this is the perfect place for me to get my non-vegan friends as the food is literally out of the world!!!!!