Grand Hotel Restaurant and Beer Bar Camp Area

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Grand Hotel Restaurant and Beer Bar Camp Area Reviews and Ratings - Camp, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Abhijeet Choure

This is one of those old iconic places of Pune which are run out of old buildings giving it a nice heritage feel. It is set amidst vast greenery which makes it hard to believe that you are in the heart of the city. They only serve beer I guess and food is also good. Service also has “heritage” feel to it ;)


Rated 5.0 by Asmita Bhange

We had an amazing experience with this place where the owners went out of their way to save our day. We had booked their place for dinner for 80 people and due to some issue we could not go to the restaurant where they had made amazing arrangements already.. It just took us one call to tell them about the issue and in no time they had food for all the people packed and delivered at the station without a single complain. The owner Mr. Belani and his son rahul went out of their way to pack the food themsleves and got it delivered to us on time. We cant thank them enough for their help, service and super amazing hospitality. They also made sure the food quality was not compromised at all. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone for great food and out of the world hospitality and service. Thanks again...


Rated 4.0 by Mithun Ravindranathan

Review No 501:    Catching up with old friends is always a great experience. And catching up with friend in the company of good food and a set up makes it even the better.    We happened to meet up in the Camp area and as this place has some history as far as back as my friends were concerned, we decided to camp here for the evening to relive their memories of the place, our crazy work experience etc.    The first thing that hits you when you see Grand is that it’s still old school and still draws its patrons. I could tell because whoever walked in mostly knew the staff and were acknowledged.     Ambience: They have a small setup inside which we did not look much into. We decided to camp outside (with the roof) with the nip of the winter showing up in the evening Pune air (don't you just love when that happens).  With a very basic setup of a few chairs and tables, they had additional furniture ready to put up in the open (close to the kitchen). They had some good 80s music playing on the night we visited which was a welcome change sometimes from the EDM and house music. Good to break the monotony.    What did we order?    a. Tandoori Chicken: The quintessential dish to have when you are seated in an open area with a great weather. The meat was cooked well and served piping hot. Also on another topic, even though they serve only Beer in Grand, it good to see they keep the chakna rolling in…including our request for chips.    b. Chicken 65 Dry: Spicy with loads of juicy Chicken pieces, this was appreciated by everyone as well.    c. Chicken Lollypop: Nothing out of the ordinary dish which took a bit to come but was decent. The dish had a total of 8 pieces.    d. Chicken Reshmi Kebab: True to its name, we felt the preparation of the meat was slightly off but palatable.    Service: We were looked after well. Not a single moment did we have to seek attention. The boy did a good job. In the midst of all the talking, I forgot to ask him his name.    Price: The prices are indeed VFM so no qualms there.    To sum up the experience, this place has history with the folks who I know for a long time. The place does exude an old-world charm (which unfortunately I do not see in the part of the Pune I reside in) and definitely needs 0.5 points extra for the same. It’s an aggregate of the place, food and service for me at the Grand hotel. Here's the rating thus far:    Food: 3/5  Price: 3.5/5   Service: 3.5/5   Ambience: 3.5/5  *****************  Overall: 3.5/5 (Implied rating of 4 as Zomato does not allow for decimal ratings anymore).


Rated 3.0 by Abhishek Katare

Starting with the manager, when we entered the restaurant looking for table, the manager from behind came making a weird sound “shuuuuuk shuuuuuk” which was very annoying. Then he said ‘ ‘we don’t have table and asked to sit in the lounge’. Didn’t know where that was, should have asked Casanova to find it. The place was very dead and people too. All the tables were like dead with no smile on faces or people have great time. Music was playing though in the background but could not light up the environment. Looked more like a place for old retire people who wants to spend time drink and eating food without talking to anyone. Apart from the food was good and service too apart from the manager. Just the happy environment was missing.


Rated 5.0 by Lavina Belani

Wonderful place!! Extremely chill place to grab a beer and hangout with friends. The owner and other staff is very polite and friendly. 10/10 will recommend.