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Fry Pan Reviews and Ratings - Dhanori, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Sñéhã PåtāÑgé

My favourite Chinese place.....hum jabhi bhi jate hai we will always eat chicken Hakka noodles which is served with schezwan chutney in little plate and fried noodles (chopsey) and there chicken hot and sour soup is very tasty and most importantly chicken Hong Kong rice ..oh my god it's very tasty 😋


Rated 5.0 by Gaurav Rathod

Please add the button of "pickup your order" We cannot order least say how to order your food online via zomato....why is your restaurant here on zomato.....anyone can't order online


Rated 1.0 by Abhishek Maru

I have been the regular customer of Fry Pan and initially I used to like it a lot. However gradually they are not maintaining the quality and plus there are always dissatisfaction towards their delivery times. The main problem is they unable to manage the lots of customer and their staff gets confused when there is a rush (esp over the weekends). My suggestion, if you are very very hungry avoid visiting Fry Pan and specially over the weekends they find it difficult to manage the orders and quality as well. For a small order you need to wait for around 30 min or so. Yesterday I visited them after a long time and for Noodles and Manchurian gravy they took 35 plus min to prepare the order and even it was not properly tossed. Lots of people have complained their owner however they never learn and mention weekends are the problem. Obviously people visit restaurant over the weekend so you guys should make an arrangement to manage such rush, like having an extra cook to prepare order etc  Lots of my friends has stop visiting Fry-Pan recently coz of these problem. Fry-Pan is located just outside my society however it doesn't motivate me to visit them further now a days. Also to mention, twice a time they have goofed up my order, I ordered Mushroom Paneer combo and after coming home I realized they gave Chilly Paneer.


Rated 5.0 by Sneha Das

Jitna bolu utna kaam about this place.. Tasted each and every dis of this place pocket friendly dishs with amazing taste.. They customize the food according to your need..!! From soups to main course.. Veg to chicken.. With good quantity..


Rated 4.0 by Titan Star

I'm in love with their foods taste, quality, quantity, price, everything.. It's simply awessome.. Every time I order something different, fry pan never fails to impress me.. Keep up The good work.. 👌👍