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Faasos Reviews and Ratings - Siddarth Nagar, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Winner Kumar Jaiswal

What is good food? I have been cooking since I was 7 years old (because of personal reasons) and one thing that I learnt, and you will agree as well, is good ingredients do not make good food. You can add all the spices of the world to the best rice that money can buy with purest of the pure oil, etc., and yet you will end up cooking something that will be just enough to fill your stomach but will not satisfy your hunger and soul. Good food is something that reminds you of a time when you had a similar taste, it should ring a bell, and you should see someone of significance from your life, may be ur mom, ur dad, or someone else. I recently had the same experience when I ordered from you. The taste of your food reminded me of my home town, and my childhood. It was so beautiful that even my wife had the same feeling (I must tell you, it's quite difficult to impress The Wife😅). I am so overwhelmed that I am writing this review as soon as I finished my dinner that you sent. I am writing this when the experience is fresh and raw. My only regret, why didn't I order from you any sooner. If you guys daily cook the same way which you did today, I am sure your brand will rise till the sky. My best wishes to Fasso's. I will come to you soon, hungry for more! Regards An Emotional Eater


Rated 2.0 by Preeti Jain

I ordered a Barbeque chicken wrap from Faasos and it was a very disappointing meal I must say. The flavours were not good, there was hardly any chicken inside and moreover it was filled with some red paste with a very strong flavour and i had to remove everything from inside to eat it.


Rated 1.0 by Puja Kasbe

Disgusting service, last time we ordered food on eid it was delayed by 1 hour and also received chicken roll instead of egg as we don't eat chicken. Now today when we ordered salsa corn cheese wrap with multigrain flour.. but then we received the roll in maida flour.. Worst experience with faasos, didn't even wanted to give 1 star.


Rated 2.0 by Mousumi Saha

Faasos is one of my favorite restaurants now a days. I have ordered earlier from here. Faasos always made me happy with their food. Zomato delivery is also great. Today I have ordered a Chicken kheema royal combo with chicken tikki. Faasos called me before packing that tikki is not available so that sending me meet balls. It was okay for me and I accepted the change. After food delivery I was surprised because the triangle parantha with the combo was missing. I have called the delivery guy and he said it was instructed by Faasos that the parantha was not there and only rice is included in the combo. So the delivery guy was not wrong. Now I have called Faasos and complained them. They said Sorry, we will give you complimentary parantha in your next order. What is this? Is this mistake happened intentionally or mistakenly? I just want the answer from the restaurant management and also suggesting zomato to take a good care of this matter. The food was good as always, I have enjoyed it but a bitter experience ruined my mood to give a 5 star rating.


Rated 4.0 by Foodie Engineers Pune

Faasos is one of the best place for some mouth-watering wraps😍🤤. Barbeque chicken wrap was filled with nice chunks of chicken which was amazing.Jumbo chicken wrap is a massive wrap which will surely satisfy your hunger❤️. Chicken rice feast was filled with chunk of chicken which were tender🍗. The delivery was quick, the items were well packed and in hygenic condition.