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Dev Uncle Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Bibwewadi, Pune


Rated 5.0 by Siddharth Joshi

Visited this place yesterday it is one of my favourite place for North Indian specially during winter season my favourite dishes must try is paneer ghoongru with jeera rice,makhe di roti ,sarsoda sagh,lasoon red chutney they serve it a bit hot it's nyc to have it during winter they have a variety of pickles made by place to visite.🙂


Rated 5.0 by Akshay Waghmare

Sarson Ka saag and makki di roti It's truly love for a Punjabi food very good test and very good quality 10 after 10 #Punekafoodieakshay @Punekafoodieakshay


Rated 4.0 by Kshitija Kothari

Visited this place last week. I really liked how its different from normal Punjabi places. There are many unique dishes and wide range of options. I would definitely love to keep visiting and trying new dishes every time. What all I had? - 1) Manchow soup - Just wow. It was that manchow soup I crave for when Im in mood to eat chinese. Noodle soup- It was basically creamy soup containing boiled noodles 2)Paneer Burnt Garlic- Favourite Starter. I’ll really really go to eat it again. 3) Paneer Sate- Normal Paneer Starter. 4) Veg Crunchy- Didn’t Really look like veg crunchy but taste was perfect. 5) Veg Lolipop- Not my personal favourite. 6) Veg Coriander- It was basically with coriander coating. Lil hard to break but tasted nice. 7) Potato Chili Dry- It was basically like honey chilli potato. Amazing. Paneer Glory Veg Lazeez Paneer Pineapple. - Paneer sabji served in a pineapple with a tinge of pineapple taste. Dal Makhni- Yumm.


Rated 4.0 by Dhinchakfoodie

This restaurant is situated at the gangadham choupaty. They serve delicious vegitarian food. If you want really tasty and veg food then you can always count this place in your list. I liked everything served on my plate Few of my favorites- Veg crunchy Veg lollypop Veg coriander Paneer pineapple Veg lazeez Do try their fruit beer too 🍻


Rated 1.0 by Sameer Jain

Very unhygienic place.... cockroaches and mosquitoes all around...bad experience....we got up in the middle of our dinner bcoz there were cockroaches on our table and a bee fell in our cleanliness...won't go there again...