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Xion, Hinjewadi
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Dakshin Chutneys Reviews and Ratings - Hinjewadi, Pune

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Vaibhav Narain

I have been visiting this place for almost an year now, I visit them almost every 15 days and I can assure you this is one authentic south indian restaurant. Simple and clean menu, simple and clean place and I can say that they serve good, hygienic and tasty food. Staff is simple and polite without any show off. However they can improve on their communication skills a bit. 😃 Food quality varry every time we visit but I can assure it is always delicious. Whenever I want to eat simple, less oily food, I visit DAKSHIN CHUTNEYS.


Rated 2.0 by Hungry Haathi

Extremely bad food The Sambhar lacks personality no sour no spices just plain Dal, the Dosa was also equally bad The ambience is good but the food is a big let down  The only saving grace was the tea which was nice for 45 bucks  #NotAgain


Rated 2.0 by Kiran Telagamsetty

i started to order food from Zomato just becz Dakshin Chutney is not availble on food panda. Even tho the cost for the food is too much, i order it jus bcz its south Indian flavor. My experiences : 1 - The taste of the food is good and i am happy about it. But..2 - They missed to give pappad some times even though it was part of the order, and some other times they missed to give the extra pappad for which i paid. But i never told them before abt that jus taking that its a miss.  its better to order a pappad packet online and prepare it rather than ordering from here for 20 rupees. In that amount we can get a pappad packet.3 - order is generally delivered late . about 1 hour generally. but today its in about 30 mins nearly. 4 - Generally when i ask an extra cup of rasam they used to give it. Today i was told that its chargeable. We need the extra rasam in case the food is not loose enough to be eatn easily. so giving a small cup of rasam would not harm their profits.I 've decided not to order from here again. I can prepare rasam rice in my home. just that to save time I ordered. it would cost me hardly 30 rupees if i preapre it home rather than online order


Rated 1.0 by Yogesh Lad

Taste was not at all what a true South Indian meal should give. Quite disappointed by the food quality as it was not at all up to the mark. Wouldn’t recommend it for South Indians.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Anand Keshav

The pricing is on the expensive side although the food is Okey. Sometimes you get better tasting food in popular foods stalls in your area. It has a goodnight location near big bazaar.