Dholepatil Farms Road, Kharadi
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Benegamese Reviews and Ratings - Kharadi, Pune


Rated 3.0 by Ashmita Ray

Decent restaurant with decent food quality. Seating arrangements can space up a bit more and can be made little interesting. Although there is a better option in just 2 mins walk(EdenGardens).

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Yash Doshi

Decent food and friendly staff. Ambience is not so great though. Can improve on seating arrangements. Prices are a bit on the higher side...


Rated 1.0 by Varun K Aich

These guys are completely is good but many times it does not reach or reached very late. This time they are not even picking up the phone to confirm the status .. worthless /. Don't order from here plzzzz


Rated 1.0 by भागवत मंडल

I had fish cutlet today @Bengamese, I swear to god, even dogs will also spit it out. When I asked them to show me fish in the cutlet, they said it is grated and they said they do not put potato in it, but there were potatoes all around. When I showed them potato, they said "potato is mixed with fish". Later when they realized the mistake, they offered me a fish chop which refused. They charged 120/- for 2 pieces. One of my colleague reviewed it as worst but since he is an Asamee, I thought he might not have bong taste to find out or differentiate. Guys, my recommendation is to stay away from Bengamese and save money and eat a wadapav instead from street or rather just drink water and sleep, if u have nothing to eat at home. They are a total waste. I would rather rate them -1, but how to give that here.


Rated 2.0 by Barsha Bhattacharyya

I have ordered twice from this restaurant so far , delivery is prompt, food is delivered hot. Chicken biryani is too fragrant n chicken pieces lack moisture n undercooked. Pomfret kalia was really good. The gravy was indeed tasteful. Egg devil was amazing. Worth the bucks. Dal is bland watery, no taste Todsy i ordered katla kalia, taken aback the gravy tadted so different, n wasnt fresh at all. Quality is a major issue Wouldnt recommend. Im.sure other bengali restaurants are doing way bttr. Quality n consistency should be checked on.