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Amanora Park Town
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Behrouz Biryani Reviews and Ratings - Amanora Park Town, Pune


Rated 4.0 by Nik


Rated 1.0 by Raj Gawhale

I ordered murgh makhani biryani king, quantity was very less as mentioned serves 2,it was very less, taste was not good at all.not value for money


Rated 5.0 by Vanita Patlan

This was my first experience with Behrouz Biryani. Behrouz- The Royal Biryani, indeed the best Royal biryani you can get at your doorstep. With super fast delivery and sexy. Black box packing giving all the royalty vibes at your doorstep. The packaging was neat and spill proof separate box for biryani and small containers for raita and gulabjamun. All items packed in one box. I won’t say any wastage on packaging as this all is needed to deliver food in proper state. 5/5 Coming to food - Paneer Subz Biryani - When I opened the box, everyone around me could feel the good aroma of food. All r senses wanted to just dig in and eat all of it. I must rice quality was nice and long. Mixing it with all masala, it tastes really well. As this place is for Royal Biryani it was topped with dry fruits like raisins, almonds. Easy to pick from top layer of you don’t want. 5/5 Raita and Gulabjamun- Raita quantity was sufficient for one person. And gulabjamun was soft and savoury. 5/5 Falafel -e- Khass- more like falafel Nuggets. Crisp and Fresh. 5/5 I also got complimentary Choco lava- it was like cherry on top for my Monday lunch meal. 5/5 I would recommend this place to any one who was piping hot delicious biryani at home.


Rated 4.0 by Zimi Zutopia

First thing - Packing is on point. It comes in a paper box. As soon as you open the box the aroma of this biryani will definitely please you. Moderately spicy biryani. Along with biryani they provide mint raita which is thick and good quality. And bonus point - Gulab Jamun. Yes, it comes with a gulab jamun. See the pictures.


Rated 4.0 by Chaitanya Potdar

Behrouz are known for delivering great biryanis so wanted to try since a long time. We had: Lazeez Bhuna Murgh Biryani: Boneless chicken biryani served with raita and gulab jamun on the side. Quite flavourful and good value for money. Murgh Kefta: 8 pieces of chicken kefta. Seasoning was quite good. Goes well with the Biryani.