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Bagicha Corner Reviews and Ratings - Central Street Camp, Pune


Rated 3.0 by Priyanka Jadhav

•I will be very honest i didn't like it that much. the place is very much hyped and talked about. But fine for one time go. •Rating Taste is 3/5 Ambience 3/5 Service 3/5 Overall nice experience.


Rated 3.0 by PuneFoodBuzz

Bagicha corner, branch of very famous Mahabaleshwar based place with the same name. Known for it's fresh strawberry and mulberry shakes\toppings\ice creams. They also have a descent menu where corn is heavily prioritized along with good options in Jain food. Situated in a smallish place in front of Arora tower. Pay and park is available on the road side so there should not be any issue. Ambiance: As I said earlier, smallish place and feels like very closed, not much airy. They made sure that there will be enough light in the dining area. Sitting arrangement is comfortable but the tables are very near to each other so there is no privacy as such. Somehow it didn't impressed me much. Service: Damn slow !! Just to get some food on the table it took 20 minutes and restaurant was not even crowded. When asked waiter, he told us that they make everything fresh. If corn patties are taking 20 minutes and a simple corn roll is taking 25 minutes then it's unacceptable. No other issues but serving time is serious concern. Food: In simple words, average tasting food and one good fresh mulberry topping with ice cream. Makkai pattice: Crispy, deep fried corn pattice served with coriander, chili chutney. I loved this dish. Pattice was delicious and corn mixture was really refreshing. Good dish, must try when you are here. Makkai cheese Frankie: Way too oily my liking. The same corn mixture of corn pattice inside a roll along with gritted cheese. Oil was dripping from the roll when I lift it from the plate. It tastes good but this much of oil is just not accepted in type of roll. Potato Pakoda: Very crispy and crunchy but again too much oil all over the plate. Refer the attached picture for the amount of oil it has. Veg Burger: Too average and simply overpriced. Nothing to explain, it was totally avoidable. Fresh Mulberry with topping: Just get this one on the visit and enjoy. This is the only place I know which serves mulberry shakes in Pune. Mulberry season was not there still the frozen one's were good and felt like fresh berries only. Fresh cream and the topping was refreshing, served with the cold ice cream inside the shake. The mulberry cream and the sauce was amazing. I loved it. One suggestion it's too big for 1 (try to share it with your partner or friends) Overall, only good thing was mulberry with topping and Makkai pattice. Rest of the things are totally avoidable. The amount of oil they have on every single thing they serve is not acceptable. I will only visit for that mulberry shake and nothing else. There are better options for food in the same area.


Rated 3.0 by Mayuri Katare

Had strawberry with topping, chocolate with topping and vanilla milk shake. Though the taste is like that the strawberry with topping here was not fresh. It was frozen.which was a spoiler. We were off season so it was expected. But it was served just out of the fridge. Moreover the chocolate with topping was good. So anyone going with an expectation of what they serve in mahabaleshwar will be a little disappointed.


Rated 3.0 by Ajanta Saha

This is a small out late opposite to Arora tower in MG Road. They manage to keep their outlet clean and well lit. Store has many thing to offer from snacks like pattice to fresh fruit cream. We ordered fresh cream with strawberry🍓🍓🍓🍓. Taste wise it could be better if they would have used fresh fruit. For me it was lil dissapointing because in all fruit cream they were using frozen fruit including Mango. Despite it's a mango season.


Rated 5.0 by Sri.balaji11

Perfect place for lips smacking desserts starting from Strawberry with ice cream, Mango delight and so on. You can also try Sandwiches and Pizza here.