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Babu Moshai Misti

Range Hills
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Babu Moshai Misti Reviews and Ratings - Range Hills, Pune


Rated 1.0 by Pintu Kumar


Rated 5.0 by Food Camera Life

This place is for authentic sweets, Bengali spices, and Bengali puja materials.Sweets are delicious and you can get original Bengali taste and flavor.Food quality is good.No sitting arrangements available here.Follow me on Instagram:food_camera_life


Rated 1.0 by Neetendra Singh

It's a small joint run by a Bengali. Recently I wanted some packed spices and Nolen Goorer Rasogolla so visited this place. They charge double from the MRP for packed item and when I asked the bill they refused to give. Owner is very rude and doesn't know how to behave with customer. Very dirty place. Taste is okay but size of Rasogolla is very small  and price 18.


Rated 1.0 by Devesh Vyas

Absolutely rubbish.... Travelled from Wagholi all the way to this shop but the owner and his staff need to be taught a real Maharastrian style lesson how to behave and do business. It's not just over priced instead they are looting people openly. Will not ever go to this place again and I recommend people to not support such activities by such shop owners. Eventually without any customers these shops will shutdown and new options will rise up.


Rated 2.0 by Rahul Majumdar

This small joint is termed as an authentic Bengali sweets’ place. However I beg to differ. For many people who have not really been to Kolkata and may have tried the Bengali sweets in Pune or other cities outside Bengal, this place will seem authentic and good. However, being a Bengali and being in Kolkata for a long 28 years, I did not feel the mishit is anywhere near the premium places in Kolkata. I mention the word premium because of the premium price that this place demands. The ambiance is not even close being a strong point too. The nolen gurer rasogolla (Rasgullas made with Jaggery) is a disaster here. Not only is it not even a distant cousin of the authentic rasgulla (which are way more spongy and breakable not like the chewy ones they serve), but also the price of Rs. 17 per piece is way too extravagant for its size. I’d rather have kalakands and rasmalai from the Pune sweet shops at a more decent price than go here and dig a hole in my pocket without even satisfying myself.