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Awadh E Malwa Reviews and Ratings - Bavdhan Khurd, Pune


Rated 3.0 by Mayuresh Athalekar

Review no :227 Ordered butter chicken from Awadh after reviewing many other options and ratings. Order got delivered in about 40 min on rainy night, kudos to the zomato service. Butter chicken was nicely packed in plastic silver bag. After serving the chicken, here are some feedback on the dish served. 1. Full butter chicken had decently less chicken portion 2. Chicken gravy was watery and grainy, not consistent like usual butter chicken that I have. 3. Tomato was not cooked properly and looks like not properly cooked to get a creamy texture. 4. Chicken was slightly undercooked. Overall not a great experience with butter chicken atleast. VFM :3/5 Taste :2.5/5 Service :5/5 Quantity:4/5 Hygiene:4/5 Overall :3/5


Rated 5.0 by Food Shashtra

The very first thing that strikes my mind when I hear Lucknow is their food. Lucknow - the city of Nawabs, has a long history of political reign and still witnesses it to this very day. But along with being the most important city for Uttar Pradesh, it is also the hub for the best food you can find anywhere on earth. Deeply rooted in the culture of Lucknow is their love for food and fondly called the Lucknowi khana or nawabi cuisine and more popularly as Awadhi cuisine. The food is heavily influenced by Mughlai and middle east Asian food. Sadly, we in Pune do not get to binge on the authentic and delicious Awadi cuisine that it is. That is till Awadh - E - Malwa did not exist. Hidden in the lanes of Bavdhan, near DSK Ranwara, is this small outlet, which earlier only started as a delivery service, is dishing out plate after plate of 'Nawabi goodness'. I was dying to get my hands on some authentic kebabs and my quest finally ended here. Be it the Galouti, the Chapli or the Shami kebab, you can find the real deal here. If you order all three together, you may not be able to spot the difference immediately but over the period of time, once you develop the palette for these kebabs, you would know that there is a tangible difference in them. Traditionally, kebabs were made with beef but since that is banned (or so I think) in Maharashtra and condemned across the country, mutton was used and in Awadh -E- Malwa, you can find a chicken version as well. Dishes that I absolutely loved apart from the Shami kebab, was the Chicken Fry, perfectly done with a tangy, spicy coating on top, fried without excess oil and the Chicken Masala, which is their USP. A spicy gravy with an underlying sweetness of the onions with juicy, succulent chicken was one of the best chicken Masalas, I have ever had. Finally, no Awadhi dinner would be complete without Lucknowi Biryani. The prep is the main difference between Awadhi and Hyderabadi. Awadhi biryani, you fry the chicken with masala and then layer it alternatively with rice and cook, while in Hyderabadi you layer all the raw chicken with masala and top it with layers of rice that are not cooked, followed by half cooked and fully cooked. While, I prefer the Hyderabadi more, Lucknowi has also been very dear to me. You must try the chicken and mutton both. My only suggestion on the menu is they must add more to their desserts/ drinks menu. Cost of food is so reasonable that I would visit this almost everyday for either kebabs or biryani at the least, If I were to live in Bavdhan. Cost for two is really below Rs 500. Finally, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough and so I will say -- " Kyu wait kar rahe ho. Abhi jaao aur khaao!" (why wait, order now!) PS. I almost forgot, they serve dog food too. So, if you have a pet or feel generous for those street dogs, call Awadh-E-Malwa.


Rated 5.0 by Abhishek Gupta

Judging from the food itself because its a small joint and the food is what really matters. We had plenty on our table . For starters we had galouti kebab and shami kebab . Both were very rich and damn scullent , served with chutney and awadhi paratha. It just melts in your mouth , can you imagine mutton melting in your mouth? ;D Also tried there *chakna* section where we had chicken fry and creamy chicken . Chicken fry was the best chicken chakhna i ever had . It was crispy , juicy from inside and had a very good taste . It really serves your tastebuds like anything. We also had kheema pav which was like a non veg vada pav but gooood. Main course had some star dishes . We had chicken masala which was really good and their best selling too . The gravy had awesome taste. Do try this out. We had biryanis Zaffrani awadhi murgh biryani Chicken kebab biryani Both were very rich in flavours and spices . Desserts we took on gulab jamuns which weren't in house but still awesome!


Rated 4.0 by Punefoodie

I ordered butter chicken combo meal from this restaurant. It contains a portion of butter chicken, 1 piece of galawati kebab, chicken Biryani and raita and chutney. Food arrived well before estimated time. It was nicely packed in tray with no leakages. Coming to food I liked the taste. Awadhi cuisine is mild . And so was the food. Butter chicken gravy was mild tomato based gravy . It was not sweet. Liked it . Just a suggestion they should increase the quantity of gravy so that it's sufficient for 2 rotis. Galawati kebab another Lucknow speciality was done nicely. Very soft minced meat kebab finished on tawa. Melt in mouth . Chicken Biryani - very pleased with the Biryani. Long aromatic rice grains cooked perfectly with good meaty pieces of chicken. Biryani was neither too spicy nor too bland. It has perfect flavourful taste. Overall very pleased to order from this restaurant and looking forward to try other dishes soon.


Rated 5.0 by Arya Kale

We recently visited at Awadh -e- Malwa! The ambience isn't pleasing can accommodate around only 10-15 people. 1) Chicken Masala- The age old chicken masala teamed up with their awadhi parathas which we found too sweet for our liking. Rs 350 /- for full plate. 2) Creamy Chicken - The creamy sauce is full of flavor. What more? It has oodles of cheese to top it off. Rs 250/- for full plate 3) Chicken Fry- Chicken marinated in beautiful gravy and deep fried makes for a tasty, juicy chicken starter dish that you wouldn't be able to resist. Rs 280/- for full plate 4) Shammi Kebabs- Could have been better only if the kebabs weren't too thin. The chutney is toppled over the kebas to give it a kebab gravy feel. This can be served with Awadhi Paratha too. Rs 310/- for mutton, Rs 250/- for chicken, Rs 220/- for veg full plate. 5) Gaulato Kebabs- Similar to Shammi Kebabs where the chutney is used as a gravy and can be eaten with Tawa Parathas Rs 310/- for mutton, Rs 250/- for chicken, Rs 220/- for veg full plate. 6) Chicken Lucknowi Biriyani- It is a famous dish coming straight from the Awadh Nawabs! Scrumptious biriyani makes for a soulful food. Rs 280/- for full plate. The owner has spent a long time exploring the food of Lucknow! The taste of the food will not disappoint you. LUSCIOUS TALES REVIEW: Ambience :🌟🌟 Taste :🌟🌟🌟🌟 Service: 🌟🌟🌟🌟