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Angar Reviews and Ratings - Lulla Nagar, Pune


Rated 2.0 by Asmita Boga Gajeli

This restaurant is closed forever now another one is opened on same place and they won't accept zomato gold.Please don't waste your time for finding this outlet.


Rated 3.0 by Dhananjay

A place is very nice the chicken is good. The name is actually kalaash on outside n pure veg is written so dnt go on name.... It's anagaar only . . . . The quantity as compared to normal tandoori and tandoori with gold benefits differ in quantity so pls look into it


Rated 4.0 by Sujith Nk

I was fortunate enough to be invited to try the food at Angar and let me start off by saying it was a delightful experience. Contrary to alot of negative reviews I have seen in the recent times the food tasted amazing. I started off with trying all their signature tandoor dishes and I’ve tried my best to hilight all the highs and lows of each dish. Chicken Makrana Kebab- It was flavourful and soft and managed to inject a zing into my palete. The spices used complimented the boneless pieces of chicken Chicken Rozali Kebab- Boneless pieces of chicken marinated to perfection and stuffed with minced chicken was a real burst of flavours in my mouth. This is an absolute must try for everyone visiting this place. Chicken Kala BaghKebab- Kebabs topped with loads of black pepper filled with dabs of cream on the inside tastes better than it sounds. This will definitely wow you as well as the contrast of the two above mentioned flavours is truly spectacular. Angara Tandoori Chicken- This was supposed to be a spicy version of the traditional chicken tandoori but unfortunately it was only as spicy as any other tandoori chicken I have had before. Afghani Tandoori Chicken- This is a non spicy version of the traditional tandoori chicken. It tasted rich and scrumptious. A good choice for someone who is devoted to fitness and is looking for something that doesn’t have alot of spices in it. Chicken Kastoori Kebab- This was green coloured and the taste of kastoori definitely dominated here. It didn’t wow me but for someone who is looking to try something different in terms of non veg tandoor, this could be the dish. Chicken Akbari Kebab- This was a malai version of the Makrana for someone looking to try a stuffed kebab dish but doesn’t enjoy spicy food. Tasted superb but personally I liked the Makrana better. I then moved onto the main course and had roti and rice with two higly reccomended chicken main course dishes. Murg Musallam- Rich gravy along with grilled pieces of chicken cooked to perfection. This would delight anyone who tries it. Angara Chicken Tikka Masala-This dish managed to truly WOW me. I have tasted alot of different tikka masalas from the choicest of places but this spicy tikka masala which is their signature dish has to be my favourite. The spicy garlic flavour really stood out and managed to make my lunch really special. The ambiance could use a little sprucing up and the menu a little upgrading but apart from that the food here was spot on. I would highly recommend this place to all non vegetarians and guarantee that you will not leave this place without a satisfied stomach.


Rated 1.0 by Krishnaprasad Gaikwad

I have ordered chicken lollypop and the chicken quality was very poor, the food tasted very bad .. I wasted my money on this .. very upset with food quality


Rated 1.0 by Suraksha Chainani

Pathetic tandoori chicken more than 4 Pcs were uncooked attached the photo below. Also the chicken clear soup was not fresh threw away the whole total waste of money horrible dinner, Sunday got wasted 😑