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Aaoji Khhaoji Reviews and Ratings - Bopodi, Pune


Rated 2.0 by Reema Nair

Totally overhyped restaurant. We ordered the Deepika Padukone thali as suggested by the captain there. It had stuffed paratha (paneer, corn and green peas) totally bad combo and very average in taste. It had dal makhni which was expected to be typically Punjabi flavoured but was a major disappointment. It also had chole (okayish), paneer sabzi (good taste but very hard paneer), yellow dal (okay), rasse wale aloo (good), kheer (okayish), raita (bad) and rice (looked cheap quality). With this over prices thali they didn’t even serve any extra sabzi if needed nor any chaas or lassi. Chaas was bad and had the same weird flavour of raita. We also had to separately order dry fruit lassi which was good and since we didn’t like the paratha we had to order extra lachha paratha which was good. Overall We felt it was very okayish and not at all value for money. Seems like they have got some paid reviews. Plus they were supposed to have valet parking which wasn’t available. We wasted our time travelling till Khadki to eat this over priced thali with majorly disappointing taste and quality. Even the ambience is not very clean and tidy.


Rated 4.0 by Aeshwarya Singh


Rated 1.0 by Vinit Patni

The food taste is not so great here and I felt this restaurant is overrated. And moreover the staff needs to more communicative and more clear about the quantity of food that is served in thali and based on it they should suggest to customer. They recommended us to order bahubali thali and it had big 8 panner parathas along with several other north Indian cuisines which was impossible for 4 adults to eat in one go and as result it got wasted and went into garbage. Also cost of thali does not justify its size.


Rated 5.0 by Food.Insania

Food - I had Aoji Khhaoji's special thali, aloo chhat , jumbo dry fruit lassi and gulab jamuns. 😋 Thali has everything one can crave for, it has authentic taste of Punjab. Rajma in the thali is the USP of thali. ❤ Aloo chaat is so tasty and properly cooked. 👌 Jumbo lassi has so many dry fruits and thick malai. The best lassi I ever had is Jumbo dry fruit lassi of this place. 🥰 Gulab Jamun are so tempting and has adequate amount of sweetness. 👍 Ambience- Beautiful and Vibrant. Perfect place for family and friends get together. Service- Appreciable! Highly recommended ✔


Rated 5.0 by The Greedy Buds

As the name suggests, they invite you for delicious food at a very good place! I ordered for 'aloo cheese balls' in the starter which was perfectly cooked with perfect cheese in it. Then took 'paneer masala tikka naan Thali' in the Main course, it had a perfect blend of spices, very nicely cooked. Naan were so so good, very soft in every bite. Lastly, I have ordered 'dry fruits lassi' and it was a great treat to have it! Lassi loaded with dry fruits with a great taste. It was the best finisher I would say. I loved the ambience and everything about the place. Especially the lighting and the calm environment of the place. It was pleasure having food over there. Would love to visit it again! Highly recommended for everyone of you. Enjoy the food..