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Rated 3.0 by Exotic Gourmet

🔹️Venue: If some one stays in sodepur, they might know its near Amarabati Club. But due to its interior location its not easily traceble. 🔸️Ambience: Its basically a small shop where the man operates. He has stools outside his shop where you can sit and eat. Its a bit different from fast food shops near our locality. Basically a semi lebanese food shop. 🔹️The Food: For a casual evening snack our group have ordered chicken nuggets. 🥓Chicken Nuggets: The chicken nuggets were yummy and crispy and it taste good as per the price. 3/5 👨‍🍳Service Since a one man army the service is very slow. 2/5 ✔Recommened for evening snacks to fill your tummy.