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Fresh Pantry

nb 4.6 / 5
Sector 20

Phone no. - +91 9888877433


Cost for two - 200


Fast Food

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Fresh Pantry, Sector 20, Panchkula

About Fresh Pantry

Feeling super hungry? Well, the right place for you is Fresh Pantry! Fresh Pantry is located in Panchkula and has risen to the status of a fast food hotspot for the foodies in the city. The eatery offers an exciting range of fast food cuisines that is sure to leave you pleasantly gasping for more! With a team of master...


Fast Food


Fresh Pantry, Sector 20, Panchkula

Phone no.

+91 9888877433

Average cost

Cost for two - 200

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  • Serves - Serves Non Veg

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3 PM - 11 PM


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3 PM - 11 PM


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Fresh Pantry Reviews


Rated 4.0 by ANUPAM GOEL(dil_e_cious)

I loved this place, the food is amazing, This one is a must recommend. So it is a food truck, and has sufficient amount of options in Kathi rolls, shawarama, burgers, sandwiches, fries etc. They started off with Shawarama and grew further on,  and their speciality does reflect, as their Shawarama is soooo good, loved it. They have authentci, punjabi, mexican flavors to suit almost everyone's taste bud. So coming to what all I  had here: >>Classical Chicken Shawarama Roll: it was great, and bu authentic they actually meant it. It was done so perfectly, you get the proper flavour os your chicken in each bite, and Hummus was goig very well along with it, though if you don't like Hummus than even ketchup will work well with this. >>Paneer kathi roll: I fell in love with the very first bite :) it was too good, it is rare that I praise a place so much, but man I have become their fan for sure. The don't just fill it with ketchup to make it juicy, they have used every ingredient very finely, paneer was stuffed in just right proportions, the spices were on point, they use the gravy on the roll, making it more thick n tasty.  >>Double smoke chicken burger: It was just wow:) and I mean it. Usually it happens at many a places that the bun dominatess in your burger but this was not the case here. The buns were soft, very soft giving it a good hold and enhancing the flavor not resisting it. And yes they don't put a patty inside the burger, they use the shawarma instead, and I loved this concept as patty is dry sometimes and also the shawarma helps in letting you have more flavour in each bite. All three infact, the drinks too are surely must recommend. >>Kala khatta It was really good, not too sweet, not too tangy. This is what at least me and my friend needed. Loved it :) >>Lemon iced tea Earlier I thought that it would just be some Nestea. but man they made it perfectly and I so loved it here >Chili Guava This was suggested to me by a Friend, and this was certainly good and way better than many of big restaurants selling up. So in a nutshell I loved my experience here. If you talk about value for money, it is 5/5, food 4.5/5( because there is always a room for improvement). Its rare that I like a place this much, but it was definitely worth it. Happy Eating :)

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