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Sector 18
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Banaaras Reviews and Ratings - Sector 18, Noida


Rated 5.0 by Vasu Taneja

A perfect place for mouth freshners If you are a paan lover this place is heaven If you are a chuski lover this place is heaven If you are refreshing drinks lover this place is heaven We ordered # Butterscotch paan : Shocked right? We were also shocked but it tasted like meetha paan with butterscotch # Snickers Paan : it was so good . Proper flavour of Snickers was there in that paan # Ferraro Rochers Paan: it was a must try😍 If you want refreshments after eating any meal this place is heaven for you


Rated 5.0 by Sumit Jha

this place is really great it is at 3rd floor just infront of escalators , if you wan to get the taste of paan flavours ,   they offer you very diff variety of paan ,  they have  shuski too the one i liked the most was kala khatta chuski ,and you can get diff shakes options can go with diff pans they have a lot of flavours my favorites was  nutrella and ferrero rocher paan


Rated 5.0 by Eeshan Gupta

So we are used to eat PAN at panvaadis, but we are not used to eat PAN In malls.. I came to this banaaras Paan after finishing my lunch at one of the restaurant. This place serves amazing Paan. They have a number of varieties of PAN with them. I tried Banarasi meetha Pan (best) Mango flavoured Pan Banta Lemon(best) Paan Lemonade Banaraasi Jeera (best) Now we have a Paan mall itself, that serves amazing Paan and lemonade. Loved it


Rated 5.0 by Ayush Goel

Banaras has opened a lot of outlets in delhi ncr. Visited Dlf, Noida yesterday and after dinner went to try their paan. I just loved the way they present it. Loved their gundi paan, coconut paan and rose chuski. Do visit this place if u r a paan lover.


Rated 5.0 by Aditya Soni

If u love paan then you should definitely visit this place. Located right outside Made in Punjab, they offer you a variety of paan’s. Starting from simple ones to fruit and chocolate ones. Everything is there. I personally loved their presentation. Also loved their calcutta sada paan and coconut paan.