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Tuning Fork - Hotel Unicontinental Reviews and Ratings - Khar West, Mumbai


Rated 1.0 by Arundhati

Average ambience but bad service. Says it's open at 12pm but I visited around 2pm and the staff was least bothered since I was one of the only 3 customers. We had to tell the staff to switch on lights!

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Shivangi Joshi

Located close to khar railwau station this place is located on the 1st floor of unicontinental hotel. Place is small and bit cramped up to accommodate many people. Interiors are ambient. They have a small smoking area outside. Went here in evening for live mic. Theme was harry potter since it was jk rowlings birthday. Lot of people barged in for the live event. Event was good and we had a good time. Ordered for cheese steaks, chicken pockets, chocolate mousse, lemon ice tea, lasagne. Everything was averagely fine. Lasagna was fine but quantity was too less for its price. Getting our orders took a bit of time but that's fine coz there were too many people. The place is worth going for their events but food can be better. Cheers. :)

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Tushar Panchal

The staff here is friendly and serves well. Ofcourse the place is known for its events. Its really nice and compliments the vibe here. 😊😊✌🏽


Rated 3.0 by Mark Divekar

The place is great, great ambiance, good food and live music was the best. I went in for the musical open mic and it was really fun. Some great performances, some not so great. Couple of things went haywire were: 1. The swiping machine couldn't work because of which I had to leave a performance halfway and swipe my card again. 2. The beacon wrapped chicken was amazing but I was mad because after I paid the bill and called out for the waiter he didn't bother to come and neither he gave me the bill which was really frustrating. Leaving these 2 points the place is great to hangout but you guys need to work on the Servicing skills.


Rated 4.0 by Madhura Gurav

Tuning Fork is a great place to chill with your friends! I was here for our book club event last Saturday! (Special thanks to the owner for letting us host it here) They have a lot of events happening here, it seems. And their arrangement is such, that it works well during the events; as well as otherwise. Their decor is so becoming. I ordered Mexican Potato Wedges. It was so tasty that me and my friends polished it off straightaway. Special mention: mustard mayo. My friend ordered Fried Chicken Strips. It was yum, with the accompaniment adding to its taste. I think it was soy sauce, but, a bit different. Their milkshakes are refreshing. The Mac and cheese is tasty. Since we were engrossed in the event, we didn't order much. But, I plan to head over again sometime and sit for 2-3 hours, tasting other dishes! P.S. They have a nice balcony on one side, but, I think it's a smoker's area. P.P.S. My only complain is that they don't serve Cappuccino, only plain coffee.